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What is Meant by Industrial Engineering ?

Industrial engineering is the branch that deals with the analysis, interpretation, understanding, design, programming and control of production and logistics systems. Through this, the engineer manages and implements optimization strategies to achieve maximum performance of industrial processes: the creation of goods and services.

For an industry to be successful, different elements come into play that must work perfectly. Some of these elements, for example, are:

  • Making the most of resources so that there is no waste or loss.
  • Maximum efficiency of production time, to take advantage of every second.
  • Optimization of the production processes of the work of operators and machinery.
  • Maximization of profits.

The industrial engineer is the one who makes sure that all this works perfectly.

Then, the industrial engineering implements production processes. These allow industries to develop in a productive and efficient way. Human and economic resources are always limited and the engineer must use all those resources in the most optimal way.

In order to acquire the necessary knowledge, the educational offer of a career in Industrial Engineering includes subjects such as:

  • Calculus
  • Financial Engineering
  • Statistics
  • Strategic Planning
  • Ergonomics
  • Method Engineering
  • Thermodynamics

Professional Profile of the Graduates

Engineers are trained in a wide range of specialties to lead large teams with leadership and ethics. That is why the profile of the industrial engineer requires high levels of decision and leadership to evaluate, manage and optimize the processes of a company.

Some of the work areas in which you can work as an Industrial Engineer are:

  • Design of systems and industrial processes with a global approach.
  • Organizational processes of large industries
  • Systemic organisational problem solving
  • Quality control process design
  • Evaluation of production, safety, hygiene and health systems.
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes.
  • Management of production and service processes.

Studying industrial engineering involves a high level of commitment and challenge, but it is precisely the high level of preparation that makes this one of the careers with the greatest demand in Mexico.

Work field

The opportunities for engineers are vast. They are required as a fundamental part of the production processes. Some of the most common companies in which industrial engineers work are in textile manufacturing, auto parts companies, airplane parts, and metalworking, among others.

Also in logistics service companies: land, airport, marine, railway and logistics platforms.

We must not lose sight of the fact that there is also a great opportunity for entrepreneurship in this career, since an Industrial Engineer will be prepared to make the most of all the inputs in a production process.

If you like challenges and constant learning, you are attracted to leadership and manufacturing processes, mathematics, chemistry, dynamics, design, Industrial Engineering is a career that deserves your attention.

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