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Functions of Electricity: What is it For ?

Before the invention of electricity, people had to produce energy where and when they needed it. Therefore, they had to make fires out of wood or coal to heat their homes or cook food. The invention of electricity changed all that.

It meant that energy could be made in one place and then delivered over long distances to where it was needed. People no longer had to worry about generating energy for heating or cooking: all they had to do was plug in and turn it on, and the energy was there as soon as they wanted it. Another good thing about electricity is that it is like a common “language” that all modern appliances can “speak”.

You can drive a car using the power of gasoline, or you can cook food at a barbecue in your garden using charcoal, although you can’t drive your car with charcoal or cook food with gasoline. But electricity is quite different. You can cook with it, drive cars, heat your home with it and charge your cell phone with it. This is the great beauty and power of electricity: it’s energy for everyone, everywhere and always.

Electricity Usage Statistics

Electricity is mainly used by industry (36%), households (31%) and the commercial sector (30%), while transport (3%) is a small part. For this purpose, the “commercial” sector includes public and private services, while industry is mainly manufacturing.

Considerations in the Use of Electricity

  • Electricity is incredibly useful, but it can also be really dangerous. When electricity comes from power plants to your home, it has a voltage thousands of times higher and is much more dangerous than the electricity in your home.
  • Electricity can also be dangerous in your home. Home electricity can kill you, so be sure to treat it with respect as well.
  • Don’t play with household electrical outlets or push things into them. Don’t disassemble appliances, as dangerous voltages can remain inside for a long time after you turn them off.

We use electricity constantly in our daily lives. It is one of the most important types of power and energy we use.

Electricity in Our Home

Electricity travels to our house through power lines from a large power plant somewhere far away. In our homes, we power lights, air conditioning, televisions, ovens and more with electricity. Without it, we would be bored, hot and sitting in the dark.

The batteries

Some of the electricity comes from the batteries. Batteries use chemicals to store electricity that can power devices such as cell phones, radio-controlled cars, portable video games, and flashlights. Batteries run out after a while and must be recharged or recycled – always remember to recycle your batteries because they contain hazardous chemicals!

Other Uses of Electricity

  • Electricity is also used in cars. There is a large battery to help the engine start.
  • Then, the engine generates electricity for the radio, lights and other interesting features. Some cars run on 100% electricity by using large batteries that are charged from an electrical outlet.
  • Electricity can also make magnetism. This can be used to create giant, powerful magnets and fast, quiet magnetic trains. Electric motors generate magnetism to turn the motor and cause movement for all kinds of uses.

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