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UPHOLSTERED BED BASE: 90×190, 135×190, 150×190, 150×200

Definition of Upholstered Bed Base

Currently the simplest bed supports that exist are Upholstered bases. They have a metal structure reinforced with steel tubes and cross bars, and a rigid wood or chipboard board which is upholstered with a padded material for comfort and convenience.

They can be used with any type of mattress, which allows a good transpiration, since this is what we are looking for with them, that the transpiration flows properly. They can be used with any mattress, they serve to provide a better support to the mattress, this is the main feature provided by upholstered bases. If we like softer mattresses, look for another option.

Enhance that feeling of luxury, comfort and warmth in the bedroom with one of the upholstered bed bases. Our stylish fabric beds will complement your interior style, whether it’s contemporary and striking or luxurious and opulent. Whether you choose a well-buttoned, winged or ribbed headboard, you’ll feel like royalty leaning against the flattened velvet while reading a book or serving yourself breakfast in bed. Sumptuous designs come in a range of sizes from single and double, to king and super king.

If the fabric is not right for you, but you still want a luxurious feel, explore a large collection of wooden bases and find the right one for your taste. Dark wood adds a touch of class and sophistication, while white painted wood beds create a fresh and clean look. You’ll find that you have many options to choose from.

No bedroom is complete without a beautiful array of pillows scattered throughout the bed, providing a warm and inviting appeal, while offering comfort and charm. Whatever your interior palette, there is something for everyone.

Upholstered Base without Legs

The legs in the upholstered bases are optional, most come without legs and these are bought separately, you have the option to place 4, 5, 6 or 7 not in all stores include the legs in the final price so when you buy it, ask if it comes with legs.

Upholstered Base with Metal Legs

A good bed goes beyond the mattress. Upholstered bedsteads are an important part of the bedroom, in addition to complementing the stability of your mattress, they decorate and dress the bedroom with superior elegance. Among different styles and finishes, choose yours and enhance your decor. These bases have fixed metal legs or wheels, usually the central leg comes from metal material to give greater central support to the structure.

Upholstered Base with 3D Fabric

These upholstered bases come with breathable fabrics such as stretch, dry care or 3D mesh, which facilitate mattress transpiration. They can be bases with micro-perforated MDF board or bases with rigid board.

Legs for Upholstered Mattress Base

As for legs, there are several options:

Wooden legs

We can find them in cherry wood, beech wood, walnut wood, oak, birch among others, are usually sold in sets of 4 0 6 legs. They have different heights and sizes, cylindrical or square shape so you can choose the ones you like and suit you best.

Metal Legs

These metallic legs give a greater support to the upholstered bases, they can be fixed or come with adapted wheels, generally they resist more than the wood ones, that is why usually the leg that goes in the center is metallic, independently of the material in which the others are made. Visually they are a little more sober, but still look good with the decoration if the legs are exposed.

Plastic Legs

They are of excellent quality, with a more discreet design, usually are black or gray, can come with built-in level for better functionality.

Upholstered Base for Folding Canape

  • An upholstered base for a folding canapé, also known as a bed base, is a padded base upholstered in fabric, leather or eco-leather; it is the ideal solution for those who prefer a minimalist design or do not have much space in the bedroom.
  • Practical, durable and with an impeccable design, they are designed to offer a perfect support to your mattress ensuring the right support every night and the comfort and robustness needed for a healthy sleeping experience.
  • We have from the standard canapé with straight and simple lines, to the most captivating and youthful flared, with a decidedly more classic skirt.
  • All come equipped with under-bed storage units. The pieces that make up the bed are assembled on site together with the headboard by means of simple metal corner elements.
  • These metal corners serve to hold the wire springs. The latter can be placed from a minimum of 2 cm to a maximum of 6 cm depending on the fixed position of the corners.
  • Slatted beds offer more ventilation and therefore more breathability and healthiness.  Within the slatted bases we find the wooden and metal ones.
  • Metal beds are lighter and a little cheaper, but less attractive and last less. Those made of wood are more and natural and their durability is greater because they are made of natural materials.

Upholstered Base 90×190

This size of upholstered base is mostly known as individual, we can buy them in different models, in steel structure, with 3D fabric, the possibilities are many.

It works perfect for the children’s room, so we will be ensuring you a better sleep.

Upholstered Base 135×190

This size of upholstered base is known as a double bed or matrimonial, provides ideal support for any mattress.
If you choose with legs, include 5, Total height with legs: 31 cm (Height of legs 25 cm). Total height without legs: 6 cm.

Upholstered base 150×190

This size of upholstered base is known as a Projected Queen to respond to a space problem, challenging common dimensions with its minimal depth.

It reduces space and recovers comfort and support when resting. With its padded fabric this base provides all the benefits of comfortable and ergonomic rest.

Upholstered Base 150×200

This measure is also known as King, gives us a classic elegance, without sacrificing ergonomic comfort. They can be ordered with a structure equipped with a large storage container. They are available with 5 Transverse Bars and with 7.

How to put legs on an upholstered base ?

These legs, as they are usually sold separately, come with a screwed structure, they are simple and practical to place. They come in different materials for greater support and reliability.

How to Clean an Upholstered Base?

  • To clean it, all you need is a clean cloth with a soft texture moistened in water and a hand vacuum cleaner. With a soapy mixture of water and liquid soap, you can spray it for better results, if it is not very absorbent.
  • If they are little absorbent fabrics just with a little humid cloth and the vacuum cleaner will be clean. Without necessity of some cleaning agent. If the fabric is stained you can put some dry stain remover.
  • Do not drag the base for any reason, you must lift it, they are not made to be dragged, since they can collapse the legs and cause accidents.
  • Remember to also clean the legs of the base, if the material allows it.
  • If you placed a soap solution you must slightly wet a towel and pass it to remove any soap residue.
  • The hand vacuum cleaner should not be used on fabrics such as leatherette, because it is not a heat-resistant material, otherwise just vacuum the entire surface, this will free us of mites and unnecessary and undesirable dust.
  • After cleaning it, let it dry well, if you can put it in a place where it gets sunlight. And then place the mattress and bedding.

How to Make an Upholstered Mattress Base ?

It’s time to build the incredible engineering spectacle that will soon support your mattress! You’ll use a 3/4″ plywood sheet to make the sides.

  1. If possible, you will want to gather this in the room where you will be. It will be heavy, and once it is upholstered, it cannot be divided into parts for easy transport.
  2. Place your plywood panels nine inches wide AND screw them together. Actually, you used drywall screws and promise that whatever you use is probably fine.
  3. The support board screws along the pencil line, two inches from the top of the plywood strip. You only really need the side supports along the long ends of the bed, not on all four sides.
  4. You will need long strips of fabric and muslin to cover all three sides of your platform.  Cut your fabric into long strips. Our fabric was 54 inches wide, so we cut it into thirds lengthwise, giving us strips 17 inches wide and 3 yards long.
  5. Add your center board supports. I’m talking about these guys in the middle: you screw them directly into the plywood, two inches from the top.  Now it’s time to screw your boards in. We used 12 evenly spaced boards, but there is nothing magic about that number.
  6. Make sure everything is square as you go.
  7. We chose to make three layers of fabric for the extra padding factor, so I did it three times. Then I cut my muslin the same way: 3 yards long by 17 inches wide. We finished upholstering and quilting and we have our base upholstered.

How Much Does an Upholstered Base Weigh?

The weight is specified by the manufacturer, but there are rules you can follow in case it is not indicated. As for the weight that supports an upholstered base of individual measure supports 120 kg, the bases upholstered in measures matrimonial 180 kg, and the twin upholstered bases support 120 kg in each side.

3D Upholstered Base

This upholstered base has a fine 3D mesh structure that is functional, firm and stable, and also soft, elegant and cool. The fabric has an airy three-dimensional structure with its lightweight perforated surface layer.

The 3D upholstered base features a steel-reinforced structure, to provide additional strength and durability, and a wooden top cover upholstered with high-quality 3D fabric available in many colors.

Breathable 3D Upholstered Base

Upholstered bases offer more firmness than any other bed base. It is upholstered and padded with an incredibly breathable 3D fabric. It is suitable for any mattress, unless they are made of latex, as they need 40% more breathability. Breathable cover of maximum durability, which includes a high resistance steel structure, reinforced with 5 transversal pieces.

Upholstered with 3D breathable fabric that facilitates the renewal of air, providing optimal breathability. Base air system all components have been manufactured to facilitate optimal ventilation and air flow in the sleeping equipment.

3D Upholstered Base with Air Valves

It is made of steel tube with three cross bars, overlaid with high quality wood, which offers greater strength and firmness when sleeping. With aeration valves perfect for any type of mattress and breathable 3D fabric to allow the mattress to breathe.

The upholstered base generally does not allow perspiration because of the type of material used, for this they are placed 4 or more aeration valves that are allowing the skin that is in contact with the upholstered base, to breathe freely. And with more ventilation there are less health problems and better flow of perspiration.

Bremen 3D Upholstered Base

Upholstered base 3D contour Bremen (synthetic leather) Made of metal structure, with its super-reinforced structure of 5 cross bars, rests a high strength particle board. Contour upholstered in synthetic leather with 3d fabric.

Upholstered Base Marks


Pikolin upholstered bases offer firmness and adaptability to sleep, provide excellent mattress transpiration, and are also aesthetically beautiful. The manufacturer Pikolin has a wide range of fixed upholstered bases that can be made of leather or 3d mesh where it touches the mattress. They are sanitized by certified entities.


It is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a support with the maximum durability. Currently, they offer metal and wood structures, offering an unbeatable price while providing more resistance and stability. More durable, made to last for years. They offer maximum resistance and excellent stability.


  • Of the world of the rest it is possible to say that relax is one of the oldest companies, has more than 100 years in the market. In its trajectory it has been characterized by understanding the client, and to offer them what they want, innovating as far as materials, offering answers to the requirements.
  • They started in 1912 with a bed frame repair workshop called Numancia, the predecessor of the current Relax. Thirteen years later they opened the first factory of metallic bed bases and in the following decade other factories in Spain. Five generations have passed and the family business has been preserved.
  • Relax works to guarantee health, rest and care of the body, to achieve a better quality of life. and aware of the current needs of rest, betting on new technologies

Home 24

Some characteristics that this brand offers us:

  • Metallic structure in 30 x 30 mm tube 3 cross bars of reinforcement MDF board of great resistance. Air Fresh 3D Beige fabric maximum breathability.
  • It incorporates valves of transpiration Suitable for all types of mattresses Perfect support of the mattress
  • Extra firmness in the rest Optimal and safe support
  • Upholstered base thickness: 5 cm Total height with legs: 30 cm or 37 cm, depending on the legs chosen
  • Set of 6 cylindrical metal legs included.
  • The 160 cm and 180 cm wide upholstered bases are manufactured in two pieces and are joined by a system of connecting plates.


 Some characteristics that this brand offers us:

  • Mattress of viscoelastic material on the winter side and of sensi-visco air space breathable on the summer side. Covered with STRECH quilted fabric.
  • RH core: high molecular density open-pore foam. Independence of beds.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Fabrics with SANITIZED treatment, anti-allergic, anti-mite, anti-bacterial, for a hygienic and clean rest.
  • Breathable microfiber pillows perfect to avoid cervical pain

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