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TANITA SCALE: Prices and Offers

Description or Characteristics of the Tanita Scale

  • Tanita products incorporate the latest clinical research and technological innovations.
  • All data are monitored by our Tanita Medical Advisory Board to ensure accuracy.

Types or Models of Tanita Scales

The Body Fat Monitor

With the athletic mode you can control the body fat and body water percentages. This scale also has a daily calorie intake function that calculates the amount of calories that must be consumed in a 24-hour period for a user to maintain the current weight level, and a dual recovery function that compares both.

The Pediatric Scale

is designed as an all-in-one unit with no moving parts, making it easy to clean. Tanita’s patented load cell technology ensures incredible sensitivity for your smallest patients. It is lightweight, yet durable enough for the healthcare professional on the go. An easy-to-read 1.4″ LCD display makes this child’s scale perfect for quick and accurate measurements.

It also includes a self-adhesive measuring ruler to assess baby’s height at the same time. The retrieval function allows you to see what the last measurement was. All models feature Tanita’s high quality construction for long life and owner satisfaction.

The Tanita Brand Digital Scale

  • Exuding style, quality and strength, it is a first class digital weight scale. With an industry-leading capacity of 200 kg, it is ideal for almost all weighing needs.
  • Attention to detail is evident, the oversized platform is made of 8mm thick heavy-duty tempered glass that gives the scale an important look and feel.
  • And the low profile design makes it safe and secure to stand on, it won’t tilt easily if you step on the edge of the platform.
  • The weight is seen accurately and instantly on the large blue backlit LCD display. In fact, the screen can be easily read while standing, even without your glasses!
  • Tanita digital bathroom scales are known for their accuracy, reliable performance and unique features. It features a modern design with a large, low-profile platform.
  • This scale offers a large weight capacity of 440 pounds and an extra large 2.0″ 2-line display that shows current and previous weight readings for up to five users.
  • This additional benefit makes it a convenient reference for anyone who wants a quick weight gain/loss analysis.

The Tanita Cooking Scale

The Tanita digital kitchen scale makes everyday dishes and sweets perfect for cooking. Minimum unit of 0.1 g suitable for making bread (traceable time, up to 300 g) from light weight to maximum weight of 3 kg.

Ml mode is available with volumetric dosage of water and milk. With a convenient storage box. The color is white.

How to Use the Tanita Scale

  • Please note that people with a medical electronic implant, such as a pacemaker, should not use a body fat monitor as they pass a low level of electrical signal through the body, which can interfere with its functioning.
  • Pregnant women should use the weight function only. All other functions are not intended for pregnant women.
  • Do not place these scales on slippery surfaces, such as a wet floor.
  • Recorded data may be lost if the monitor is misused or exposed to electrical surges. Tanita assumes no responsibility for any loss caused by the loss of recorded data.

Specifications or Technical Information of Tanita Scales

  1. Extra large 2-inch, 2-line, easy-to-read display
  2. Displays the current and previous weight of up to 5 users.
  3. Extra large, low profile, slim platform
  4. Extra large weight capacity, maximum 440 pounds
  5. 3 ounce weight increases

People’s Opinions, Comments or Riviews of Buying or Using It

  • I love this scale. It replaces the same brand, 10 years older. This one is a little more, but it has extra bells and whistles… and buttons on the fingers.
  • So far, it works perfectly. A little easier to set up than the original model, and I like the athlete’s fit because it gives me more precise body fat… I think.
  • I find this scale to be extremely accurate. I have had multiple doctor visits in the last few months and the numbers I get from my Tanita always match those of the big expensive models in the doctors office.
  • I also like the readings given for muscle mass, the scale shows me each time I weigh that I have lost or gained my muscles as I lose weight.

Safety Precautions for the Tanita Scale

  • This body fat monitor is intended for children (ages 5-17) with inactive to moderately active lifestyles.
  • Recorded data may be lost if the unit is misused or exposed to electrical surges. Tanita assumes no responsibility for any
  • Type of loss caused by the loss of recorded data.
  • Tanita assumes no responsibility for any type of damage or loss caused by these units, or any type of claim made by a third party.
  • Note: Estimates of body fat percentage will vary with the amount of water in the body and may be affected by dehydration or over-hydration.
  • Due to factors such as alcohol consumption, menstruation, illness, intense exercise, etc.

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