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FREE STUDIES IN ARGENTINA: Courses, Diplomas, Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees and Doctorates

In Argentina, as in many other countries, the options for free study are very varied.

You can find a large number of online courses and diplomas in which you can train. We will try to help you find opportunities for these free studies in Argentina that will allow you to join the job market.

The free studies in Argentina also allow the citizen to develop professionally and place him or her in a suitable labor market. Free studies in Argentina help to discover students’ strengths. They also allow students to experience work that connects with the purpose of life of those who develop it.

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Resolution 1523/90 allows foreign students not residing in the Argentine Republic to enter directly to a NATIONAL UNIVERSITY to begin their degree studies, “being exempted from fulfilling the general requirements of validation of the studies of intermediate level, without prejudice of the requirements that each University considers necessary to apply for the correct evaluation of the candidate”.

Each University annually institutes a quota of vacancies to be filled by foreign students who are informed in a timely manner by the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the General Directorate of Cultural Affairs and Argentine Embassies abroad.

The Argentine Embassies are the only instance with responsibility in the allocation of the vacancy to a certain student. In the case of residents in the United States, they should consult the Argentine Embassy in Washington.

Once the Embassy grants a vacancy, the student is automatically entitled to apply for the corresponding visa according to the consular regulations. Resolution 1523/90 does not include the regime corresponding to Private Universities and other academic institutions.

In these cases the interested parties must establish direct contact with said institutions in order to formalize the registration, and require the “letter of admission” duly legalized to comply with the requirements of the immigration and consular regulations of the corresponding student visa.

More information along with the full text of the regulations and the corresponding forms can be obtained at

Studies in Argentina: Universities in Argentina

The first option is Offered by the University of Buenos Aires ( UBA ARGENTINA )

Financial Aid Grants

The University of Buenos Aires offers different financial aid scholarships for free studies in Argentina, including free online courses and diplomas.

Sarmiento Scholarships

Their objective is to support students of the University of Buenos Aires in vulnerable situations so that they can access, develop and complete their higher education. More information

Mosoteguy Foundation

To be eligible for the scholarship it is necessary to be studying a degree at the UBA, have more than 10 subjects passed, without delays, an average higher than 6.50 points and have limited financial resources to continue normally the chosen career. More information

Ministry of Education

The National University Scholarship Program (PNBU) is aimed at promoting equal opportunities in the field of higher education, through the implementation of a scholarship system that facilitates access and / or permanence of students of limited economic resources, and good academic performance in undergraduate studies at national universities or university institutes. More information

Graduates by more Graduates

The Graduates x plus Graduates Program invites graduates and all those who wish to do so, to collaborate financially with the UBA to grant the “Sarmiento Economic Aid Scholarships” for low-income students with the objective that no student is excluded from access to higher education for reasons beyond their intellectual capacity.

In this link you will find information for free online courses and diploma courses in Argentina, here free studies in Argentina:

National University of the Center of the Buenos Aires Province

University Residence Scholarships

The R.U. scholarship will be awarded to students who are Admitted and/or Regular students who lack sufficient financial means, who meet the academic requirement and regularity in their studies.

Priority will be given to students who come from other cities to pursue their studies in the city of Tandil and who begin or still have to pursue a stretch of the career. The student’s socioeconomic and academic situation and psychological profile will be taken into account.

Tandil Headquarters opened the registration 2017 in

UNICEN Scholarship Program

The University Scholarship Program prioritizes the socioeconomic evaluation of applicant students. A minimum Academic Performance is required, which varies according to each Academic Unit.

Registration is done online at on the following dates: Re-enrolled (students who will attend from 2 to 5 years) September. Entrants (1st year students) 2nd week of February to 2nd week of March. More information here.

National University Scholarship Program

It is a system with different types of scholarships (Bicentennial, Tics, and University) that are taken into consideration,

in addition to the socioeconomic situation, the average in secondary studies and the academic performance in undergraduate studies in National Universities. Some scholarships are assigned to students in priority careers. It has subprogrammes for the disabled and indigenous people.

Fundación Díaz Vélez Scholarship Program

In 2007, the Foundation established for the first time its University Scholarship program, aimed at high school graduates with excellent academic performance who, for economic reasons, could not access university studies.

Since then, more and more students have been included in this program, which today exclusively receives students from the Veterinary Medicine program at the Universidad Nacional del Centro l and shares its vacancies for Agricultural Engineering with the Universidad de Mar del Plata. Tel: (0249) 4385510. Gymnasium Campus Universitario | C.P.: 7000 | Tandil | Buenos Aires | Argentina.

Student Welfare Secretariat

  • Tel: (0249) 4385510
  • Fax: (0249) 4385510
  • University Campus Gymnasium | C.P.: 7000 | Tandil | Buenos Aires | Argentina

For any other information about free studies in Argentina, visit:

(This publication was written by Driéli Mayresse and originally published in Portuguese at this link:

Argentina is an option for many people who want to move from their countries, but in the end, they generally have many doubts, either because of the language or not knowing if it is a good country, or not knowing anything about it.

10 Good Reasons to Live in Argentina, According to Expatriates Who Are Really There:

1. You will really enjoy your free time

There are many bars, restaurants, squares, fairs and nightclubs in the city.

Porteños always go out with friends, family or even their dogs for a night out or a nice sunny day in the park. They enjoy every moment they have when they are not working to do something and do not stay closed in their homes.

2. Coffee Places

Among the many things you can do in Buenos Aires, spending time at the Café is the most traditional activity.

Any time is a good time for a good “cafecito”. In this sense, Buenos Aires is similar to Paris, where people go to the cafes to interact, relax and enjoy the city.

3. Freedom of Expression

In Buenos Aires you will find many open-minded people, just as you can find them in London. There are all kinds of people, with a variety of tribes and styles. It’s a city for nerds, punks, party rockers, vegans, gays, etc. You will never feel excluded or weird while in Buenos Aires.

4. Study, then Get to Work in Argentina

Buenos Aires has an excellent university system. Students from all over the world come to exchange programs in the city and don’t spend a penny because public education is free. You have a variety of options for Free Distance Learning in Argentina, including Animation and Dubbing studios. One of the most requested are the studies of Medicine.

5. Public Transportation

In Buenos Aires you can survive without a car. Despite being a big capital, you can go anywhere in less than 1 hour by public transport (bus, metrobus, metro and trains). Ticket fares are extremely cheap at the moment, because the government subsidizes them.

It is also a pleasant and logical city to walk, because the streets intersect in perfect squares in most of the city. And, as if it weren’t good enough, in Buenos Aires you can take a taxi just by raising your hand. They’re everywhere, and it’s not too expensive.

6. Gastronomy

Argentine gastronomy is influenced by Italian. But the best thing you’ll taste is your steak, smooth and tasteful. Besides that, you should try croissants, empanadas, dulce de leche and alfajor. To drink, you will have hundreds of excellent wines to taste, which are famous all over the world.

7. Well-defined Weather Seasons

For those who live in very cold or very hot countries, Argentina is a great place to experience the 4 seasons at their best.

You will have extremely hot summers, chilly autumns, very cold winters and beautiful springs.

You can enjoy your summer vacation to go to the beach of Mar del Plata, and your winter vacation to ski in Bariloche.

8 – Culture

This city breathes culture from its hundreds of libraries, events, theatres and parties.

You will always have a show, a film, a cultural presentation, art galleries or craft fairs to visit.

You can also book some city tours to get around with some orientation.

9 – Proximity to Other Countries

In Buenos Aires, you’ll be an hour’s boat ride from Uruguay. There you can visit Colonia, Montevideo and Punta del Este.

In a 3 hour flight you can get to Iguazu, Bolivia and Chile.

10 – International diversity

This cosmopolitan city is home to many cultures. You can go to Mexican bars, eat Japanese food, visit Chinatown and practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu. You will hear many languages every day and meet people from all over the world.

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