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STORAGE CHEST: Trunk For Bedroom and Toys

Discover Everything About What a STORAGE CHEST Is !!!

Large box with a rectangular base, with a lid that generally turns on hinges and sometimes provided with locks or padlocks; it is used to store objects, especially clothes, or to carry luggage. A chest can also be defined as “a box with a lid and often a lock, for storing or shipping items” or as “a type of cabinet for storing or storing medical supplies, toiletries, etc.

Wooden Trunk

It is a type of box with a hinged lid that can protect your personal items. Some wooden boxes are equipped with locking mechanisms or a metal strip with which you can secure a lock on the sheep stored in it.

Decorative Chest

The trunks can be used for interior and exterior decoration giving vingaje, modern style, rustic among others. The decoration with trunks can be a pleasant option for many people, it all depends on the style and taste you want.

Antique Wood Storage Chest

It is a type of furniture commonly of a rectangular structure with four walls and a removable cover, for the storage. The interior space can be subdivided. The first uses of the old chest included the storage of fine fabrics, weapons, food and other valuable items. These antique trunks are a very popular item in vintage decoration, so if you have an item of this type, which also has a history of its own, you are in luck.

Motorcycle Trunk

One of the main problems that motorized people have is… where to keep things? Besides some scooters, motorcycles and mopeds do not have material space to store or transport luggage, goods or packages safely.

The first point to take into account when choosing the trunk that fits best is the size of the bike. Its size, power and additional features so that it can provide the best stability and performance when using the bike.  It is logical, that we cannot introduce a too big and heavy trunk in a motorcycle, because we can make the mistake of carrying more weight than possible in it.

This could lead to the rider on the bike having an accident and in the case of transporting a product being affected. That is why it is very important to be aware of the type of trunk we select.

Plastic Storage Chest

The plastic trunks can hold up to 300 liters, some come with a wood effect for the garden. An example of measures: 120x52x54 cm high. They are weather resistant and easy to assemble.

Wicker Trunk

To speak of wicker is to speak of the vegetable fibers most used by man since antiquity. Thanks to its flexibility, it has been woven by artisan hands already in ancient Egypt, for the creation of furniture, baskets and trunks. Its light but strong consistency is one of the most praiseworthy and relevant characteristics of this, the trunks created with wicker are used to decorate interiors giving it a rustic and pleasant style.

Resin Trunk

  • Resin chests, or also known as resin trunks, have many functions, but mainly have a large storage capacity. Some of their characteristics are the following:
  • They have a capacity of up to 300 liters.
  • These trunks are usually bigger and have a capacity of more than 300 liters.
  • All of them have the capacity to be locked with a padlock.
  • Normally it comes incorporated a handle or fingernail for its easy transport.
  • Like the resin cabinets, the trunks also have built-in protection against UVA rays and do not lose their color.

Garden Trunk

This type of trunk has elegant rattan designs with beautiful finish in various colors, can be adjusted perfectly to any modern garden or greenhouse. They are also waterproof and made of a strong and durable material.

Vintage Trunk

The restored trunks can be used for a myriad of amazing things; they give way to the creation of that vintage-looking touch, by doubling the storage compartments and their surfaces can be used for any type of table. Another advantage is that you can easily find a fairly inexpensive vintage chest or briefcase at any antique store near you.

Adhering a hardwood lid to an antique chest can create a more stable surface to place things on and make the chest look more like a vintage-style furniture item.

Large Wood Chests

They have perfect storage spaces for clothes, sheets, books and other things. They include a latch on the front for easy opening and closing, and side handles for portability. Plywood is one of the materials used to create these oversized boxes.

Small Wood Chests

These small wooden trunks can hold small items such as jewelry or keys. They can also be decorated according to each person’s taste and used as a decorative object to place in any corner of the home or in the place where you work.

Wooden Gift Chests

An original wedding gift is a wooden box containing a bottle of liquor. This is a type of men’s wedding gift. The pomace is always assorted, herbal pomace, coffee, caramel pomace and cream pomace. These gifts are suitable for wedding, communion, baptism.

Decorated Wooden Boxes

The wooden chests can be decorated with ribbons, painting them with different images or other techniques, giving them different shapes according to the place or environment where they will be placed.

Storage Chest Brands


These boxes provide an orderly solution. They consist of large trunks and small ones. Whether it’s clothes, pillows, toys or books: simply store everything in these beautiful chests. However, these rattan chests do not simply impress in a practical way.

The combination of natural and synthetic rattan and the corrugated look is an elegant sight. If you ever need to store them, you can easily store the smaller trunk inside the larger one to save space.

Some features

  • Large amount of storage space for your items.
  • Nice wicker design.
  • Decoration with natural charm.
  • Handles for transportation.
  • Small box fits in the big one.
  • Metal frame and hinges.

Borras Hnos

This brand of trunk has the following characteristics:

  1. Honey-colored wooden trunk, with measures (length x depth x height): 90x50x50.The wood is poplar painted honey color.
  2. The trunk is very practical and very easy to clean.
  3. The inside of the trunk is lined with black fabric.
  4. It is fixed, no assembly. Therefore it is very strong.


  • Safety is a priority: Specially designed safety hinges open and close slowly to avoid abrupt closing, safer to use; Built-in handles make it easy to move and carry.
  • With a minimalist design and classic brown look, this storage bench is a perfect addition to any room; it works great as a shoe bench, toy box, etc.
  • Keep everything in one place: use a storage bench to hide toys, books, clothes, shoes and blankets from view; takes up little space with a compact size of 29.9 “L x 15.8 “W x 18.9 “H
  • The entire frame is constructed of durable, strong, medium-density natural fiberboard; the smooth painted finish gives your room an elegant feel.
  • Your satisfaction will always be unconditionally guaranteed before and after purchase, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service if you have any problems with this product


Vintage Style Pirate Treasure Chest

  • This premium treasure chest is made of high quality wood and incomparably strong metal. It also has a front lock, providing maximum security for your valuables.
  • The Thunderdog Pirate Treasure Chest is handmade and its pieces are unique, varying a bit in colors and sizes. Its striking period style makes it a decorative element that attracts everyone’s attention.
  • This all-purpose pirate treasure chest is a must for anyone who wants to keep their stuff organized. You can keep everything in it, money, cards, photos, makeup, soaps and jewelry collections and be sure that your valuable items are in perfect order.
  • This incredible decorative storage container fits perfectly with any existing decor, adding a luxurious touch to any room. Place it in your room, office, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom and completely change the current environment with this attractive addition.
  • The Thunderdog Vintage Treasure Chest is a perfect gift for any occasion. It can be offered as a birthday, wedding, anniversary or christening gift.

Living House

  1. Treasure chest: The wonderful, rustic and nostalgic light wood chest is the ideal gift for weddings. In addition, you can put money in it to give an unbeatable surprise.
  2. Motif rings: The romantic ring motif and the light wood of the chest make it the ideal detail for decorating your home.
  3. Individual engraving: To share your data with us, just go to the “personalize” tab on the right side of the screen.
  4. Quality mark of the Living House: It is made of wood and engraved by experts. The nostalgic brass hardware gives it an antique and enigmatic aura that will delight the bride and groom. Trunk measurements: 14 x 11 x 13 cm – Weight: 450 gr.


  • This first-class treasure chest is made of top-quality wood and incomparably strong metal. In addition, it has a lock on the front that provides maximum security for your valuables.
  • Unique and impressive design: the Thunderdog treasure chest storage box is handmade and each piece is unique, with different sizes and colors. Its amazing vintage style makes it an impressive decorative element that will attract everyone’s attention.
  • Use it in an unlimited way: this multi-purpose pirate treasure chest box is a must for anyone who wants to keep their things well organized.
  • You can store anything from money, cards, photos, makeup, soaps and collections to jewelry, and feel confident that your valuable things are in perfect order.
  • Elevate your home decor: This incredible decorative storage container fits perfectly into any existing decor, adding a touch of luxury to any room.
  • Place it in your living room, office, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom and completely modify the existing environment with this nice addition.

Creative Deco

  1. Perfect size: with an external size of 40 x 30 x 24 cm and an internal size of 37.5 x 27.5 x 19.8 cm, it is a perfect box to store all those documents, valuables, toys and tools.
  2. Lightweight material with a wall thickness of 1 cm – the wood smell that comes in the package acts as a refreshing idea that you are using certified natural wood.
  3. High quality – the pine wood comes from sustainable forests in the Carpathian mountains, which are known to reach one of the highest wood grades in the world.
  4. Rounded edges make it safe to use at all ages – perfect for staining, varnishing, pyrography, crafts and other decorative projects!

How to Make a Wooden Trunk or Chest Step by Step

Step 1: Build the frame of the storage chest.

First, cut out the pieces of your frame. The whole frame is made of 2x2s. Cut four legs to 17″ long, and four front and back pieces to 30″ long.

Drill 1″ holes ½” in the ends of the pieces 30″ long.

Then, using 2″ ½” pocket hole screws, attach two frames together as in the picture below. Place the bottom 2 × 2 so that the top is 3″ from the bottom of the leg.

Cut four pieces 2 × 2 to 12″ long and drill holes 1 ½” at the ends of each. Using 2″ ½” pocket hole screws, attach these two pieces of frame as shown in the picture. Make sure the bottom 2×2 of the sides are aligned with the bottom 2×2 of the front and back.

Step 2: Add middle divider pieces to the box frame

This step is optional, but adds a little more visual interest to the piece. Cut 2 pieces of 2 × 2 to 12 ½ ” length and center them at the front and back between the top and bottom pieces.

Use 2 ½” wood screws to secure the piece between the top and bottom brackets.

Step 3: Add the side panels to the box frame

Cut pieces of plywood to fit into all the holes around the sides of the log frame. Depending on the accuracy of your cuts and assembly, you may have to add or trim these dimensions a little. But your panels should come out to around:

  • 2 side panels: 12 ½ “x12”
  • 4 front and rear panels: 12 ½ “x 14 ¼”

Once you have cut them to fit, drill pocket holes around the edges of each piece. Using 1 ¼ ” hole screws, secure these panels in place making sure the inside of the sides of the log are flush.

Step 4: Place the bottom of the chest.

Cut a piece of plywood into 12 “x30″ for the bottom. Drill holes from ¾ ” around the edges. Using 1″ pocket hole screws ¼ , attach the bottom as shown in the picture below.

Step 5: Add the top

  • For the top, cut a piece of plywood to 16 “x 34”. Apply edge bands to the piece for a cleaner look and finish.
  • Once the finish is dry, place the top with small hinges on the back.

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