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DOG AND CAT SCALES: Prices and Offers

Veterinary scales make weighing four-legged patients simple and uncomplicated and are ideal for veterinarians, kennels, laboratories or anyone handling medium to large animals. The removable stainless steel platform on most models makes cleaning quick and easy.

Automatic zero tracking keeps the scale at zero. Many of the veterinary scales have a hold function that retains the displayed weight after the animal is removed from the weighing platform. If you need portability, we have some models with wheels at one end.

Digital Scale for Weighing Dogs and Cats

Animal scales are designed to weigh a variety of domestic pets, from large dogs to small reptiles and insects. If you have ever tried to weigh a moving animal, you know how difficult it is. Movement prevents the scale from displaying a stable and consistent weight. To overcome this problem, pet scales contain a dynamic / animal weighing mode. Dynamic weighing allows the scale to have an average weight based on the force exerted by the animal over an extended period of time.

In addition to the pet weight, these scales can be used to measure other animal related items such as feed bags, food portions and bedding materials.

Large Dog Veterinary Scale

  • Platform floor scales are excellent for dogs with rugged construction, large pan sizes and a wide variety of weighing applications. Due to their size, pet platform scales are typically used in animal shelters and veterinary environments.
  • Platform scales can be customized with weight and counting indicators for increased weighing functionality. We also recommend using the rubber mat accessory for optimal results.
  • Before weighing, make sure you have set the dynamic/animal weighing mode on the indicator and placed the scale on a flat, secure surface.
  • Once set, allow your dog to stand or walk across the scale’s weighing platform.
  • Press tare to store the weight value or use the hold function to display the average weight value on the screen.
  • Connect the scale to a printer or computer with an RS-232 cable to record the results.

Small Dog Veterinary Scale

Compact bench scales are generally used on countertops or benches. They offer small to medium tray sizes and certain models can be customized with scoops, stands and other accessories to improve weighing performance.

They support an approximate capacity of 28kg. They are portable, and offer flexibility and precise measurement. A dynamic weighing function averages the weight readings taken over time, providing reliable results, even for moving animals.

Pet Scale Brands


This Camon scale has a large non-removable 15 “x 10″ x 2” stainless steel platform. The rubber coated legs will help protect the unit from movement and absorb vibrations. Your scale also has a high contrast backlight and a large LCD display for your convenience. In addition, your Camon scale will also include programmable power that allows you to set your digital scale to automatically turn off after a few minutes of inactivity or you can program the scale to always remain on until you turn it off. Another option includes programmable hold.

This feature will allow you to program your scale for automatic hold or manual hold. You select the hold setting that best suits your needs. Simply press the hold button and the weight displayed will lock on the screen for 60 seconds, even if the animal moves or is removed.


Perfect for weighing dogs, pigs, sheep or goats. 660-pound capacity with 0.2-pound sensitivity. Ideal for farms or laboratories that need exact precision. The indicator features a large, easy-to-read digital readout in pounds (lbs) or kilograms (kg). Operates on 120V AC and AAA batteries. The unique locking feature averages the weight of the animal, eliminating the problem of animal movement during the weighing process.

One Two Three

A scale tray 635 mm long, with a 60 cm ruler to measure the height of the pet. Capacity 220 pounds (lb) (10 g ~ 100 kg) with an accuracy of ± 10 g. The multi-function mode makes it very useful for measuring a person’s weight after removing the tray. The blue backlit display ensures clear measurement even in the dark. Smart design, easy to use and easy to pack in small size.


Capacity / Sensitivity: 100 kg / 100 g
Size 620 x 830 mm, lithium battery, 4-sensor high accuracy voltage measurement system, automatic shutdown. LCD display 25 mm

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