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Today there are several PhD programs in Biology located around the world, each offering unique programs and perspectives, with high quality education and professional faculty. Many PhD in Biology programs are innovative and interactive with students working closely with other students as well as faculty.

Doctoral programs in biology generally include a strong foundation in biological knowledge, as well as in subjects such as ecology, evolutionary biology, molecular, cell and developmental biology, and neuroscience. Doctoral programs in biology generally consist of challenging courses, seminars, laboratory work, research, and dissertations, all working closely with faculty.

What is a PhD in Biology ?

A PhD in Biology is a research degree and generally takes at least five years of academic study. Applicants to the PhD in Biology program must have completed a bachelor’s degree in biology or a closely related field. The main objective of a PhD in Biology is to train students at the highest level in one of the three general sub-fields within modern biology: Cellular and Molecular Biology, Neurobiology and Ecology, Behavior, Evolution, and Marine Biology.

Upon completion of the PhD in Biology students should be prepared for graduate training and eventually for assuming teaching and/or research positions in academia, industry, government or non-profit agencies.

Subjects Included in the Biology Doctoral Program

Some subjects included in the PhD program in Biology:

  • Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Advanced Molecular Biology
  • Graduate Biochemistry
  • Advanced Cell Biology
  • Neurobiology
  • Cellular and Systems Neuroscience
  • Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience or BI and Neural Systems: analysis of functional circuits
  • Ecology, behaviour, evolution and marine biology

Countries Where the PhD in Biology is Taught

Some countries where you can study for a PhD in Biology:

  • United States
  • Puerto Rico
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • Colombia
  • Malaysia
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Czech Republic

Universities that offer a Doctorate in Biology

PhD in Biology

  • Boston University
  • Massachusetts, United States.

PhD in Biology

  • University of Northern Arizona
  • Flagstaff, United States.

PhD in Biology

  • UAEU United Arab Emirates University
  • Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.

PhD in Biology

  • University of Puerto Rico
  • Rio Piedras – San Juan, Puerto Rico.

PhD in Evolutionary Biology

  • Edinburgh University
  • Edinburgh, Scotland.

PhD in Molecular Biology

  • Manchester University
  • Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

PhD in Ecosystem Biology and Sustainability

  • Queen’s University Belfast
  • Belfast, UK.

PhD in Biological Sciences

  • Pontifical Javeriana University
  • Bogota, Colombia.

Doctorate in Biology

  • Sunway University
  • Shah Alam, Malaysia.

PhD in Biology

  • National University of Ireland
  • Maynooth, Ireland.

PhD in Cellular Development and Biology

  • Charles University School of Science
  • Prague, Czech Republic.

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