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PALLET BAR: How To Do It Step By Step ?

How to Make a Bar with Wooden Pallets Step by Step at Home ?

This bar design has two integrated shelves for beverage bottle storage and a countertop to serve the drinks and you will definitely have one hand free in your case to get any number of shelf structures and any size of this bar design.

Grab the bar tables that are always stronger than straight pallets, and pull the front square frame off the bar table, add nails or screws to the point of the joints to secure the entire frame.

  • Now fill this handmade frame with a flat arrangement, but with strips of other straight lengths separated from separate pallets, here we have used pallet planes with a rustic gray and a natural wood tone.
  • Now he built the sides of the bar and simply built the additional hollow squares as frames using more beam boards. Now fill in the side frames also for a sturdy base bar frame.
  • Take an overview of all the installed sides of the frame and make sure you have secured all the corners of this pallet bar accurately. Re-tighten the loose pallet rails if you find any
  • Now you have to install the pallet bar countertop, which must be sturdy and edged, and this must be done here with sturdy, precisely cut and well sanded pallet slats.
  • Use the double layer of pallet slats to install the worktop and also the lower shelves, and use the well sharpened and glossy wood lengths for the installation of pallet bar surfaces, they must also be free of splinters!

The design is complete here and now you need to plan a nice finish and you can add the custom paint colors, paint coats and also the final seal coats in your plan for a customized look of this self-made pallet bar.

Pallet Drink Bars

Break the selected pallet tables and take the separate individual tables to build the basic frame for the stool.

Fill the top frame solidly for a durable seat and add cross leg supports that will also provide the footrest position needed for a comfortable sitting position while enjoying your favorite drink.

Build a set of these wooden stools with pallets and enhance the seating space of your indoor or outdoor bar area.

How to Make a Kitchen Pallet Bar ?

  • First we disassemble the pallets AND select the boards we will use and form the frame
  • To fix the pieces we use nails or wood screws, after forming the front, we will make the sides, these are simpler, because they are two rectangles
  • Now we will form the base of the whole structure with two long boards and with a couple of thicker pieces of wood we will make the legs, we will join the pieces, the two sides and the front, with the structure they are in total 5 pieces to join.
  • We fill with boards to create the surface of the pallet bar, finally we put three boards minimum to fix the table to the base, then we screw the surface to the structure, with a drill, then we work the edges of the surface, if necessary we will make a straight cut to avoid protruding edges.
  • To avoid dangerous edges for children we will give a rounded shape to the corners, we sand the edges well and polish to avoid roughness, then it is ready to be painted.
  • You can paint it in any color is preferable to use washable paints or plastic lining

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