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There are two ways to enter the field of Nutrition through a degree program: either by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition or a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics (or their equivalents). The Nutritional Sciences pathway generally provides a broader approach to the field, giving students an understanding of the platforms of eating and health.

Some work titles in nutrition include Food and Nutrition Administration, Public Health Nutrition, and Private Consulting.  A degree in Dietetics is more focused on nutritional certification and gives students the credentials to enter more science and research-based employment positions.

This degree is ideal for individuals who want to learn about the nutritional needs of the human body in both good health and disease at the individual, community, and population levels. You will learn how to critically analyze, develop, implement, and evaluate nutritional intervention programs that address nutritional problems.

What Does a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Do ?

Nutrition graduates work on the effects of food composition on human health, metabolism and disease resistance.
Graduates gain the knowledge to effectively communicate vital health information with patients.

The program prepares students for employment in a variety of industries, including government agencies, nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups, fitness centers, spas, and private practices. They get jobs in hospitals, clinics and wellness centers.

Subjects Covered in the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Program

Common courses in an online nutrition program include introductory nutrition, healthy eating, nutrition throughout the life cycle, and food allergies. These classes provide students with the foundation upon which to advance in higher level courses.

Students earning a bachelor’s degree in online nutrition may choose majors in health and wellness, health communication, food studies, nutrition communication, and food management.

As part of graduation requirements, students most interested in research usually complete a thesis or a culminating project, while those who plan to work directly with clients participate in a semester-long internship to gain practical skills.

Some Countries where the Free Bachelor of Science in Nutrition is Available

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Spain
  • India
  • Turkey

Some  Universities that Offer a Free Bachelor of Science in Nutrition

Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Istanbul Okan University
  • Istanbul, Turkey

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics was established at Okan University in 2010 to provide education and research in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics. The Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics is offered by Okan University.

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science

  • Reading University
  • London, United Kingdom

This Nutrition and Food Science Program: It is designed to prepare international students, who have completed upper secondary education, to enter undergraduate studies at the University of Reading.

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Newcastle University
  • Newcastle, Australia

As a student in Newcastle University’s Nutrition and Dietetics programme, you will have access to world-class researchers and educators, putting you on the cusp of new discoveries in nutrition and diet. Learn how to use the latest evidence to manage patient health and discover the powerful science of human nutrition.

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle

  • Humber College
  • Toronto Canada

Humber Humber College’s Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle program prepares you for a career that promotes the health and well-being of individuals and groups of all ages, and encourages people to live a healthier lifestyle.

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