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NAMES OF GREEK GODS: Apollo, Ares, Cronos, Dionysus

Greek mythology is one of the most popular in history (and for us in particular one of the most interesting), within this mythology there were a considerable number of gods and deities who were worshipped and feared by all Greeks. They ruled over heaven and earth from Olympus, deciding on the life of every mortal.

Greek Gods names

These gods represented the yearnings and fears of all, and even some had the power to control nature, its seas, wind, sun and even the sky and besides having these great powers were immortal.

However, going a little deeper into their stories and despite their great power and imposing we will realize that within if they were very similar to humans, they had goodness, evil, lust, weakness, strength, revenge and so many characteristics that made them very similar to mortals, and it is even said that gods took the form of humans to come to earth to interact with us.

The gods who inhabited and ruled ancient Greece were:

  • Zeus father of gods and god of lightning
  • Poseidon god of the oceans
  • Hades god of the underworld
  • Hera queen of the gods
  • Aphrodite goddess of love
  • Apollo god of the sun
  • Ares god of war
  • Artemis goddess of hunting
  • Athena goddess of wisdom
  • Dionysius god of wine
  • Hephaestus god of the forge
  • Hermes god messenger
  • Asclepios god of medicine
  • Demeter goddess of fertility
  • Heracles greatest of heroes
  • Eros god of sexual love and beauty
  • Hebe goddess escanciadora
  • Hecate goddess of magic and witches
  • Hestia goddess of home
  • Hímeneo god of ceremonies
  • Ilitia goddess of childbirths
  • Rainbow Goddess Iris
  • Nemesis goddess of retribution and revenge
  • Bread god of the steppes
  • Persephone goddess of spring
  • Priapo god of fertility
  • Selene moon goddess
  • Silene god of wine and drunkenness
  • Tánato god of death
  • Temis goddess of justice
  • Eris goddess of discord
  • Fobos god of fear
  • Deimos god of terror
  • Aura goddess of breezes
  • Circe Lesser Goddess of Magic
  • Harmony goddess of harmony
  • Hypnos god of sleep
  • Tique goddess of luck

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