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MILITARY BOOTS: Brands, Styles and Prices

Importance of Choosing the Right and Strongest Military Boots

One of the most important parts of the army uniform is undoubtedly the military boots. During military training you probably went on strenuous marches, kept in formation during the heat and rain, and faced many difficult obstacles. Every day during that life-changing experience, you relied on your boots to support you and keep your feet protected so that you could successfully finish boot camp to become a stronger, more resilient and better service member. You discovered how important the right pair of military boots can be.

Now that you’re looking for tactical boots for your career, you know that you must choose a pair that will keep you on track to be a better service member. You don’t want your boots to be a reason you’re not in the best shape. Whether this is one of your first pairs of tactical boots or this is one of a long history of pairs that have served you well while serving your country, we want to make your purchase as easy as possible.

Finding the right pair of military boots is often not an easy task. We have shown you all kinds of brands, styles, colors and models that you can find and buy in our online store. You will find them cheap, on sale, at very affordable prices. You may have noticed that there are these cheap ones, others on sale and also some exclusive models that are not so cheap. These military boots are known to be a high quality product.

All service members know that a good, sturdy pair of military boots can change lives. The boots affect your speed, agility, precision and your peak performance. When they don’t measure up to your challenges, every obstacle becomes even more overwhelming. During a hard workout or in a hostile environment, you need boots you can trust.

Fortunately, while finding that perfect pair of military boots has never been easier, our online store offers a complete collection at very affordable and inexpensive prices. Some of them manufactured by world-class engineers with the main suppliers of military footwear. From brown coyote boots authorized by the army to elegant sage boots. Even airmen can find an option that suits them.

Military Boots with Different Styles

With a functional objective. They are not only used by members of the military components. In addition, each style is integrated with state-of-the-art technologies designed to keep feet comfortable and, above all, protected. Your footwear should never stop you.

With cold mornings just around the corner, your footwear repertoire could be improved with a little more practicality and discipline. This epiphany leaves us looking at our suede slippers, in the autumn drizzle, and wishing for something more resistant and appropriate for the weather. A pair of strong, sturdy military boots is a great solution.

Elegant and Contemporary Military Boots

Inspired by those traditionally used in battalions, these elegant and contemporary alternatives are designed for the purposeful purpose of enhancing an outfit while retaining an air of casual punk

Its popularity increases as the weather gets worse, and an army of people raid warehouse shelves. But you can avoid this tumult, because the options for buying high-quality products in our Amazon online store are many and varied, choosing the perfect custom-made boots can be tricky. Fortunately, we’ve shown you some tips to help you make this decision calmly and effectively enough. You can find various styles at unbeatable prices. Offers on products with guarantees offered by advertisers

Military Tactical Boots Used by Women

The military boots are a perfect fit for beautiful women’s jeans. They are also used a lot with dresses and scarves. There are pastel colored military boots for women to wear. Ladies love to wear these tactical military boots both with leggings, with jeans and also with dresses.

What Men Wear with Military Boots

During the winter season, these military boots are very essential because they cover the feet very well and guarantee that they are warm all day long. These military boots may differ in style; men wear the short boots and the above-ankle tactical boots.

For beginners, it is suggested to use short military boots first, the ones that stop just around the ankle. Knee-length military boots are for those who are comfortable in heavy boots; however, these boots are warmer than military ankle boots, as they cover almost all legs, so they tend to be the best boots for winter.

The First Encounter with the Military Boots or Tactical Boots

The big day has arrived: you are emotionally hugging your mom and dad and getting on the bus that will take you from the recruiting office to the military induction center. One of your first stops during the induction process will be the quartermaster’s warehouse, where you’ll be provided with all the equipment you’ll use during your years of military training.

Along with the kitbag, dog tags, uniform and towels, you will also get a pair of combat boots. Because of their design, military, combat or tactical boots are quite different from the shoes you are used to wearing: they are very high (to protect your ankle during intensive field action), heavy and have no shock-absorbing characteristics.

Improper use of short combat boots can damage the legs, knees and spine. Therefore, we have compiled several guidelines to help you adjust your combat boots and make them more comfortable to wear during compulsory service and even permanent military service

  • If you are suffering from problems, such as flat feet, it is important to inform the Army doctor about this issue so that he or she can check it out immediately at the military induction center. In that case, you may be eligible to receive specially fitted orthotics.
  • If you have decided to pre-order insoles, it is recommended that you receive them a few weeks before the day of enlistment, so that you can get used to them and feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Do you plan to use insoles? Remember that you may need a larger than usual size to fit the templates easily. Also, be sure to test the shoes you receive at the induction center with the insoles to make sure they are comfortable for you.
  • You can ask your Army doctor to prescribe lightweight combat boots (also called “type 2 boots”). Such shoes are visually similar to regular combat boots (“Type 4”), but weigh 400-500 grams less.
  • Lightweight shoes can be identified by a blue stripe on the top, inside the shoe.
  • In addition, you can press the front of the shoe; in light shoes, the area where the big toe is located will sink slightly.
  • After providing the army doctor with all the necessary records, you can receive combat boots with insoles. Such boots can be identified by a blue bottom inside the shoe. However, it is still recommended to make sure that the insoles are specifically fitted to your foot.

Rigidity of Military Short Boots in the Army: How Can You Overcome It ?

The new combat boots you’ll receive at the military center will be extremely rigid. It’s important to soften them up immediately. The easiest way is to oil them and allow the shoe leather to absorb it before you start wearing your shoes regularly. Continue to oil your shoes once a day for several weeks. In case you haven’t brought oil from home, you can put a few drops of oil on them that the army will provide.

Remember that the shoe polish you will receive from the army or that you bring with you will clean your shoes (as required by the army), but it will not soften your boots. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase a special shoe polish containing oil beforehand. Such a polish will ensure that not only will your shoes be clean, but also soft and comfortable. Soldiers enlisted in combat units will receive two pairs of shoes at the military startup center. It is very important to wear a different pair of shoes each day to allow each pair to soften.

Don’t Forget Deodorizer When Wearing Military Boots

Combat boots or military boots, along with military socks, create extreme heat around the foot. The results are excessive sweat and bad odor. To avoid bad odor, you can use a special shoe deodorizer.

Alternatively, you can use baking soda: take off your shoe and put the baking soda in it for several hours. Before using the shoe, remove the baking soda with a damp cloth. Important to remember: remove the insoles before using a deodorizer or baking soda.

How to Tie Your Military Boots ?

How you tie your boots also affects the time it will take to soften them. Experienced soldiers recommend tying your shoes with a shoelace, as follows:

First, tie a knot at the tip of the lace and insert the shoelace through the lowest hole from the inside; then to the opposite hole from the outside; then to the top hole from the inside and so on. Such a method reduces the pressure on the blood vessels in your foot and ensures maximum comfort.

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