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The birth of Christ and the conversion of the Gentiles. (1-6) The triumphs of Israel. (7-15). This chapter begins, according to the opinion of some commentators, with a prophecy about the siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, and the great indignities that Zedekiah should suffer from the Babylonians, Micah 5: 1.

“Then we have a more famous prediction about the birthplace of the Messiah“, the results of which have been from antiquity, from eternity, Micah 5: 2. The Jews stubbornly persisted in their opposition to the Messiah, God, therefore.

He will deliver them into the hands of their enemies until the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled; and then all the posterity of Jacob, both Israel and Judah, will be converted to the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, and, together with the Gentiles, will be brought into the great and peaceful pastures of this Great Shepherd of the sheep. 

Commentary on Micah 5: 3, 4

After this illustrious prophecy, the prophet continues to predict the fall of the Assyrians, by whom is meant the enemies of the Church in general, the type probably set for the anti-type. The miraculous bewilderment of the great Assyrian army in the reign of Sennacherib strongly overshadows the glorious and no less miraculous triumphs of Christianity in the last times, Micah 5: 5 , Micah 5: 6.

Some people understand this prophecy of Antiochus and the seven famous Maccabees, with their eight royal successors, from Aristobulus to Antigonus. And it is not impossible that these people are also intentional, since we have often had the opportunity to comment that a prophecy from the Old Testament Scriptures often has more than one aspect. 

The seventh verse was fulfilled by the Jews in spreading the knowledge of the true God during their captivity, paving the way for the gospel; but it will be fulfilled more significantly after their conversion and restoration. See Romans 11: 12-15. 

The remaining verses contain a prophecy of the final overthrow of all the enemies of pure and unblemished religion, and of the complete purification of God’s Church from the corruptions of the Antichrist, Micah 5: 9-15.

Commentary on Micah 5: 7-15

The remnant of Israel, converted to Christ in early times, were among many nations as dewdrops, and became instruments to call a great increase of spiritual worshippers. 

But for those who neglected or opposed this salvation, they, like lions, would cause terror; their doctrine condemned them. The Lord also declares that it would cause not only the reformation of the Jews, but also the purification of the Christian church. In the same way, we will be sure of victory in our personal conflicts, since we simply depend on the Lord, our salvation, we worship Him and serve Him with diligence.

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