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The sins and desolations of Israel (1-5) Their bad practices. (6-11) A promise of restoration. (12,13). This oracle pronounces judgment against the leaders and identifies one of the sins for which they will be judged. It contains three oracles in the greatest book of the prophet’s destiny addressed to the divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah (Mic 1: 2-3: 12). 

The first message pronounces the divine judgment against the rich oppressors of the middle class and the poor (Micah 2: 1-5). The second message is a dispute between the false prophets and Micah, the true prophet of God (Micah 2: 6-11). 

The third message changes abruptly from the theme of judgment to a word of hope that promises God’s deliverance and the future restoration of a remnant of Israel (Micah 2: 12-13). This is in accordance with the kaleidoscopic pattern of the oracle’s structure in the book.

How appropriate that Micah presents this section with an “Alas” that was often used as a mourning cry for the dead! Many of his listeners would soon be dead or exiled by the Assyrians! Then Micah proceeds to issue a timeless warning! Inequality often refers to the abuse of power to cause trouble and thus harm others (Hab. 1:3).

Commentary on Micah 2: 1-5

Poor people who plan evil in the night to carry it out early the next day. It is already low to do evil on the spur of the moment, not to mention doing it with premeditation.

It is the proper time to withdraw into solitude properly. Compassion disappears when greed rules. When greed occupies our heart, the hands execute deception and violence.

Those who are most haughty and secure in prosperity are often most ready to despair in adversity. Woe to those from whom God departs! These are the most painful calamities that separate us from the Lord’s congregation, or shorten our enjoyment of His privileges.

Commentary on Micah 2: 6-11

As they say, “Do not prophesy,” God will take them at their word, and their sin will be their punishment. Let the physician no longer attend to the patient who will not be healed. Those are enemies, not only of God, but of their country, who silence good ministers and stop the means of grace.

What bonds will those who have no reverence for the word of God maintain? Sinners cannot expect to rest in a land they have defiled. Not only will you be forced to leave this land, but it will destroy you. Apply this to our state in this present world. There is corruption in the world through lust, and we must stay away from it. 

It is not our rest: it was designed for our passage, but not for our portion; our inn, but not our home; here we have no continuous city; let us rise and go, let us seek a continuous city above. Since they will be deceived, let them be deceived. Teachers who recommend complacency for their doctrine and example are better suited to such sinners.

Commentary on Micah 2: 12,13

These verses may refer to the captivity of Israel and Judah. But the passage is also a prophecy of the conversion of the Jews to Christ. 

The Lord would not only bring them out of captivity, and multiply them, but the Lord Jesus would open their way to God, by taking upon Himself the nature of man, and by the work of His Spirit in their hearts, breaking the chains of Satan. Thus he has gone before, and the people follow him, breaking, in their strength, through the enemies who would stop his way to heaven.

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