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If the career goals are in classroom instruction, post-baccalaureate training provides you with the theories, tools and practice to ensure that teaching methods are learner-centered, culturally relevant and equitable. That’s why a Master’s program in teaching allows you to pursue advanced topics and self-motivated research projects, paving the way for careers in educational consulting, curriculum design, and teacher training.

What is a Master’s Degree in Teaching ?

A Master of Teaching is an advanced degree that focuses more on going beyond the classroom and into the education system itself. Certified teachers and aspiring teachers can earn a Master of Teaching degree and still remain in the classroom, but the Master of Education degree allows for a broader range within the educational sphere.

Often, those who pursue Master’s degrees in Teaching have the ambition to influence policies and procedures within schools to make a difference in the lives of students. In general, obtaining a Master’s degree in Teaching is an excellent way to enrich and advance your teaching career.

It establishes you as an expert teacher and increases your employment opportunities, as well as the benefits you receive once you have a job. But an advanced teaching degree will also help your students in many ways, preparing you to be the best teacher you can be and ensuring that your students learn as much as possible.

Subjects Included in the Master of Teaching Program

During the two years of the program, the latest educational research will be studied and research will be conducted on a topic related to teaching and learning.

Some common subjects taken in the program are:

  • Educational Research
  • Instructional design and evaluation
  • Innovative technology integration
  • Data analysis and evaluation
  • Educational Leadership
  • Literacy development
  • Linguistics
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Methods and materials
  • Cultural diversity

Countries Where the Master’s Degree in Teaching is Being Offered

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • CanadaMalaysia
  • Latvia
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Kenya

Universities that Offer the Master’s Degree in Teaching

Master of Teaching

  • University of Toronto
  • Toronto, CanadaOnline

Master of Teaching

  • Glasgow University Online
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom

Master of Arts in Teaching

  • Drew University
  • Madison, United States

Master’s Degree in Diversity Education

  • University of Latvia
  • Riga, Latvia

Master of Teaching

  • University of San Francisco – School of Education
  • San Francisco, United States

Master of Teaching

  • University Help
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Master of Teaching

  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Kelvin Grove, Australia

Master of Teaching and Learning

  • The University of Waikato
  • Hamilton, New Zealand

Master of Arts in Teaching

  • International University of Africa
  • Nairobi, Kenya

Studies in Different Academic Levels

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