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The Master of Education is a respected graduate degree, which allows you to specialize academically in education or advance your career in education or another career of your choice.

There are many options for Masters in Education, such as Specialties Online or  for Nursing. Can be studied in different countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, India, Nepal, United Kingdom, and many more.

The Master of Education offers relevant professional learning for educators in a wide range of education-related fields, including early childhood, primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational and adult education.

It is designed for professionals who wish to develop or extend their expertise, and seek to move into leadership, specialist and/or co-ordinating positions. This degree is a flexible course with a selection of modules that allows you to tailor the qualification according to your interests. You can choose to specialise in linguistics, inclusive practice or leadership and management, all of which build on the research strengths of the Faculty of Education and Language Studies.

Throughout this degree, you will participate in debates and topics in the area of education relevant to your area of interest. The coursework will encourage you to consolidate your understanding of educational problems with relevant professional and academic research.

As part of the assessment process, you will conduct a literature review on a topic of your choice, which involves writing a final paper. You will also undertake a one-year research investigation or professional project, which comprises the final module of your degree.

To study this degree, and all other graduate degrees, you must have a bachelor’s degree or a qualification of equivalent level. The degree is particularly suitable for those working in formal education settings (such as schools and nurseries), and those supporting non-formal learning and educational leaders.

In addition to allowing you to specialize in a career in education, this master’s degree will be attractive to a variety of employers because of the transferable skills you will acquire.

Specialization Options

This flexible qualification offers four specialist routes: applied linguistics; inclusive practice; leadership and management; and learning and teaching. Your choice of route will allow you to engage in topics, concepts and discussions in an area that supports your professional development.

Research is produced from your own and others’ experiences and in the appropriate literature. Qualification includes a literature review on a topic of your choice, and a substantial dissertation or research project located in your own practice.

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