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Big Data refers to the analysis of large data sets to find trends, correlations or other ideas that are not visible with smaller data sets or traditional processing methods. The exponential growth of Internet-connected devices and sensors is one of the major contributors to massive data and storage, processing and analysis may require hundreds or thousands of computers.

The Master in Big Data is created to meet the business demand for data analysis. These new technologies are changing the world as we know it. Thanks to social networks the world is becoming “intelligent” and full of information also thanks to mobile devices and the Internet.

Now, as in no other moment of time, we have the capacity to have the information in real time of all the processes of our company, of our clients and even of our potential clients. This large amount of data is a revolution within companies because of its volume, its volatility and its complexity.

Big Data is a highly valued program for professionals who need to integrate advanced technological knowledge with other team leadership skills. On the one hand it requires the implementation of Big Data technologies capable of storing and visualizing this data and on the other hand it requires technical profiles specialized in different areas that assume the challenges that this revolution entails.

Currently, the profiles in Big Data, Data Science and Data Analysis, are the most demanded in a market that is not able to cover this demand with the existing resources. It is in this context that the Master’s Degree in Big Data was born, designed to train professionals who meet the demands of companies and institutions at all times.

What is a Master in Big Data ?

Every day, massive amounts of data are generated in the world. It is the responsibility of expert analysts to analyze this data, locate valuable information and not to take into account the meaningless garbage. A Big Data degree program helps you master the skills needed to become an analyst and teaches you the fundamentals of data analysis.

Many industries, from government to retail, use data analysis to make better business decisions. The Master’s program teaches you how to operate in each of these industries. Such skills help you stand out from your competition when you apply for a position. Data analysis is crucially important for a variety of industries. Once you have your degree, you are qualified to work in communications, finance, health care, manufacturing, government, and a variety of other fields.

A master’s degree in Big Data also prepares you for a position in management, public policy and technology. While many graduates choose to become data analysts, others choose to become business analysts, data architects, systems analysts and business intelligence developers. Big data is a valuable resource for employers, and a strong background in the field stands out favorably on a resume.

Subjects Covered in the Big Data Program

Some of the subjects included in the Big Data master’s program:

  • Programming with Visual C ?
  • Principles of data communications and local area networks
  • Enterprise Application Development with Java
  • Database management systems
  • Analysis and design of computer information systems
  • Business statistics
  • Advanced application development using JAVA
  • Information Security Management in Organizations
  • Legal environment of information systems
  • Project Management
  • Advanced systems project
  • Big Data Architecture
  • Data resource management
  • Business intelligence and analysis
  • Big Data Solutions for Business
  • Information visualization for Big Data Analysis
  • Advanced application development with Visual C #
  • Internet for Business
  • Internship at CIS
  • Readings in computer information systems
  • Economic analysis for business decisions

Countries Where the Master’s Degree in Big Data is Being Offered

Some of the countries where you can study for your Master’s degree in Big Data:

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • United States

Universities that Offer the Master’s Degree in Big Data

Master of Big Data

  • Polytechnic University of Catalonia
  • SEA Business School
  • Barcelona, Spain.

Master in Big Data Solutions

  • Barcelona School of Technology
  • Barcelona, Spain.

Master in Big Data and Business Analysis

  • Complutense University of Madrid
  • Faculty of Statistical Studies
  • Madrid, Spain.

International Master in Business Analysis & Big Data

  • MIP Politecnico di Milano
  • School of Management
  • Milan, Italy.

Master in Big Data Systems

  • School of Economics
  • Moscow, Russia.

Master in Big Data Analysis: Applied Modeling and Quantitative Methods

  • Trent University
  • Peterborough, Canada.

Master in Big Data, Marketing and Management

  • Toulouse Business School
  • Toulouse, France.

International Master’s Degree in Big Data

  • EISTI: Graduate School of Computer Science and Mathematical Engineering
  • Cergy, France.

Master’s Degree in Big Data

  • EduPlanet
  • Cambridge, UK.

Big Data and Information Technology Analysis

  • Central Missouri University
  • Missouri, United States.

Studies in Different Academic Levels

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