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LUGGAGE SCALE: For Travel, Handheld and Digital

Suitcase Scale Use and Definition

It is a really useful tool when traveling, since with these scales you will have the option to know how much is the exact weight of everything you carry inside your suitcase. If you travel too much and you don’t have a scale at home, the scales to weigh suitcases are the necessary ones for it, besides being economic, they are great to take to all sides and this way to know, with accuracy the weight of the suitcase, avoiding this way, fines and recharges of additional price for excess of baggage.

There are two types of scales or weight scales for weighing luggage, among them you get the mechanical scales and electronic scales. The scales for mechanical suitcases are based on a totally mechanical system since they are managed to implement by means of an elastic spring. They do not tend to be exact but, they do not go out of fashion, in addition, that its format is in analogical system.

On the other hand, the scales for electronic suitcases do work with sensors and load cells, measuring this way, with accuracy the weight and the applied force, throwing a margin of error of 5 grams, this happens for a technological component that modifies its tension depending on the supported weight. Unlike the scales for mechanical cases, these have a reader with an LCD screen, lighting on a LED screen, energy-saving sensors and automatic shut-off buttons so that you can continue to guarantee the use of the scale without it being quickly damaged.

Travel Baggage Scales

The scales for weighing luggage have an excellent and guaranteed accuracy, throwing a margin of error of only 10 grams, which makes them perfect for weighing your luggage to travel. They are resistant due to the fact that their material is made of stainless steel and they are usually economical, having the option of investing in them and using them every time you go on a trip.

Digital Luggage Scales

  • They are models of scales with compact designs and integral systems, so that you can store them in your suitcases without feeling that you are carrying them because their weight is light and not a major representative load.
  • Its measurement capacity is up to 60 kilos, with some variation of one 15 grams, so you can feel totally safe when implementing and using it.
  • It has an LCD screen which will indicate the exact measurements of the luggage you will carry for your trip. Also, they have LED lighting for places where you do not have much visibility and help you see clearly the corresponding measures.
  • Finally, to prevent the battery from wearing out, it has a button where it turns off quickly and in case you forget to use it and leave it on, in 5 minutes it turns off automatically, saving energy for future use.

Suitcase Scale with LCD Display

  • With the LCD screen scales you are guaranteed the luggage that you will take with you on your trip since they will weigh exactly what you really need, since this device is one of the most reliable on the market today.
  • The maximum capacity that is capable of measuring will be 50 kilos, ideal for your suitcases or luggage since normally to travel they allow you an estimated 25 kilos. It is a versatile instrument that works with a button battery which lasts much longer than other electronic devices.
  • In case you want to weigh lighter luggage in these electronic scales the minimum will be 10 grams, so you realize that it is a product with many possibilities to weigh what you really want.
  • Its implementation system is simple and with a couple of times you use it you will know how to do it exactly because of the majority of buttons that it has, which make its operation easier and more comfortable.

Luggage Scale Brands

Today, there are brands recognized in the market for their versatility and innovative designs that meet the needs of the user when weighing a load or hand luggage.

E-Prance Brand

This brand is one of the largest selling products currently, since it has total credibility with its consumers simply because of all the options that come within the scale.

Among them, the battery and the energy savings that indicate minutes before how much time is left for you to take the forecasts, besides it has LED lights, which reflect with better clarity the numbers that appear on the screen. It also has automatic shutdown sensors and with it, you can measure kilos, grams and even pounds if necessary.

Colemeter Brand

It is a brand that is totally accessible due to its low costs and its incredible innovative and technological designs that make it stand out from other better positioned brands in the market. Among its most notable characteristics is that it sells precision scales which can be measured gradually up to centigrade, thus obtaining accurate results without much effort.

Amco Brand

It is one of the best positioned brands in the market regarding the sale of scales since they develop versatile models, totally digital, adapted to the use and need of their consumers.

Most of its instruments have a simple LCD screen, ideal for weighing up to 45 kilos in your luggage, and it also has a rechargeable battery so you can take it wherever you want. It is one of the favorite brands for all types of consumers because of the options included in it.

My Carbon Brand

It is an economic brand, its prices vary from 6 euros to 15 euros per unit. They keep innovating over the years and trying to please their customers by manufacturing durable products.

As the main function is that you can weigh cargo up to more than 80 kilos, being one of the brands that has more capacity when it comes to weigh the corresponding luggage.

Reference Prices in Euros and Dollars of the Luggage Scales

  • The scales for weighing suitcases come from the most resistant and durable, to the one they recommend because it is made of stainless steel or, failing that, because it is the most economical in the current market.
  • These prices range from 6.60 euros or dollars to 25.50 euros or dollars, as each brand has different characteristics that make them different and stand out from the rest.
  • There are no different options when it comes to buying them, but their reference price always varies according to the material they are made of. However, any brand you buy will be a safe and guaranteed investment in the short and long term.

Reviews and Opinions about Luggage Scales

  • As it is a tool used frequently nowadays and its use is really useful, the opinion matrix generated regarding the scales for weighing suitcases has been a success.
  • The people who acquire the product give favorable testimonies of it and take care that more users have the facility to obtain them, encouraging that the use that they give to the scales for suitcases is not really to waste money and waste of time.
  • That is why opinions in general regarding the product are taken into account whether it is for advertising campaigns, websites, stores that sell the product, among others, with the sole purpose of making the consumer feel comfortable with the tool he has acquired.
  • Nowadays, the scales to weigh suitcases are indispensable at all times, since there are more and more people trying to know the world, that’s why in these digital tools you will get a product adapted to your needs and above all, avoid having to recharge your luggage for your trip.

How to Weigh a Suitcase With a Scale?

  • You must turn on the scale and select the desired weight unit, normally this comes with a MODE button, where you select the unit you think corresponds.
  • Next, you will implement the exact calibration of the scale, which although it is electronic, surely it also needs to be calibrated and you can do it in the same way by pressing the MODE button for a few seconds, until you get the maximum weight on the screen.
  • You must place an object with the same weight, and then press the MODE button again and the display will show APPROVED or APPROVED depending on how the scale language is configured.
  • Then place the suitcase to be weighed or hook it to the scale, this one as you have it and you have bought it. Once you have done this, you must wait a few seconds until the corresponding weight is shown on the screen.
  • You will then have to decide whether you want to add more weight to the suitcase or not, and weigh it again until you get the necessary units that do not exceed your luggage. Once the process is finished, turn off the scale so that it does not unload.

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