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LIGHT BLUE COLOR: Psychology and Meaning. Its Types and Varieties

Meaning of the Color Sky

The color called light blue or sky blue, also known as cerulean, cerulean or baby blue, is a light blue color on average, which has an intense saturation. To be more exact, this color corresponds to the color of the clear daytime sky. It is blue in its most ethereal shade.

However, the light blue colour has a specific reference, in general and popular use. It has some tonalities that vary, giving to understand by “celestial” to almost any blue more or less clear, sometimes a little purple or similar to the turquoise color. The range of blues is the favourite for the vast majority of people. This color is associated with the weather and nature, is the color of the sky, sea, infinity, among others.

In the psychology of color, it is associated with inner thought and deep emotions. It is a positive color; it is related to dreams, fidelity, wisdom and truth; it is a color that favors rest. Also, the color sky blue, is a color that transmits tranquility. It calms hysterical people, helps with insomnia and is also said to solve the problem of people suffering from impotence.

If the person is inclined to this color is quiet, in good faith, very believing in their religion but not conveyed directly. On the other hand if he avoids it or if he rejects it, it is a sign of declared hysteria, insomnia, they present dizziness without apparent reasons, he is longing for the affection that the others deny him or that they do not offer him.

Also known as the color of generosity, the favorite of all people who choose to discharge themselves from worldly life to dedicate themselves to the good and most noble and just causes. On the other hand it is capable of linking all its qualities, this color supposes an absolute detachment of the self to achieve things that only the chosen ones are destined for.

It is also said that it is the color that with more difficulty, the color is found in the aura of people, projecting the rarity with which people with the ability to disinterest themselves and find happiness in the welfare of others appear in this world. In the positive you can find qualities like: Spirituality, inspiration, truth, fidelity, calm, tranquility, peace, hope, dedication, sincerity, intuition, love for creation, piety, justice, among other qualities.

On the other hand, on the negative side we find: coldness, detachment, depression, melancholy, tears of pain and sadness, sadness where there was happiness, apathy towards everything, grief, cooling where there was heat, abulia.

The women who have the name “Celeste” are characterized by being demanding, creative, disciplined in terms of work, honest, delicate with themselves, happy, understanding with their loved ones or closest, sociable, sincere and have a very good sense of humor. In love, they seek serious partners who provide emotional stability and peace.

They tend to stand out in professions that require them to possess deductive qualities, such as: scientist, writer, inventor, lawyer, professor, actor, among other qualities.

Types or Varieties of Celestial Blue


Although cerulean is synonymous with the colour light blue, it does not have exactly the same meaning. Cerulean is the name given to a blue pigment traditionally used in artistic painting, and by extension the color of that pigment and the paint made with it.

Alice Blue

This is a variety of the slightly greyish sky that is included in the linguistic icon heritage of American culture.

Intense Sky Blue

The dark blue or deep blue color has the hexadecimal color code #00bfff is known as a cyan shadow. In the RGB color model #00bfff this shade is composed of 0% red, 74.9% green and 100% blue.

Light Blue

Light blue is a shade of blue with hex color code #87cefa this shade of blue is a light shade of cyan-blue. In RGB color model #87cefa this color tone is composed of 52.94% red, 80.78% green and 98.04% blue.

Decoration with the Color Sky

The light blue colour is linked to the sky and the sea, a shade that gives us peace of mind and at the same time brings freshness to the decoration you wish to make in your home. It is a colour that stimulates creativity and expands the imagination, but with sensations that transmit calm and peace at all times.

The colour light blue when combined with black or grey creates modern and elegant spaces. If you opt for the deeper shades of blue, such as intense blue, it is advisable to apply them in large spaces that are accompanied by a lot of natural light, adding vibrant and bright colors, colors such as white, beige, red or orange, among other colors.

The light blue color has the virtue of maintaining its freshness and serenity with any other color that is combined. It is very necessary to know the best way to combine the light blue color in order not to obtain monotonous spaces or spaces saturated with it. With the sky blue you can obtain subtle, sophisticated and elegant decorations, hence its great versatility and preference to decorate the home any environment in your home.

The decoration of the room feels fresh and peaceful with the light blue color. This color can be attached to different areas and elements of the home to give that freshness that is so sought after. If you want to highlight one of the walls, painting the wall in light blue is the right decision.

The armchairs upholstered with the light blue color and its different tonalities, will provide a very attractive set to the decoration of your home, that depending on the intensities of the light blue there will be variations as far as freshness, naturalness, sophistication and a dramatic atmosphere.

Number or Code of the Light Blue Color

  • HTML code 0CB7F2
  • Code RGB 12, 183, 242
  • Code CMYK 85, 5, 0, 0
  • HSV (L) code (195°,95 %,95 %)

Objects and Things in Light Blue

The sky, a flower, a toy car, a cover, a carpet, an armchair, a wall, a book, the walls of a room, a towel, a toothbrush, a shelf, a fish, a pillow, a teddy bear, a pendant, a ring, a watch, a portrait holder, a marker, a skirt, a pair of rubbers, a headband, a bicycle, a car, a T-shirt, underwear, a bag, a gift box, a jean, among others.

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