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Lamentations 3:23. As the Bible Says:

“They are new every morning: great is your fidelity.” They are new every morning. that is to say, the tender mercies or compassion of God prove that they do not fail; there are cases that demonstrate it every day, not only in a temporal sense, but also in a spiritual sense; they are always new, always fresh and vigorous, constant and perpetual.

Such are the love, grace, and mercy of God, though ancient, but daily renewed in its manifestations; and that make a morning of spiritual light, joy and comfort; and each time it is morning with the saints, they have new discoveries of God’s love for them.

And these are indeed a bright morning for them, a cloudless morning; great is your faithfulness; some make it “your faith about yourself”; This is a great grace, it is the gift of God, the operation of his Spirit, and exercising it is a great thing; for this purpose is the note of Jarchi, “Great is your promise, and a great thing is to believe in you, that it will be fulfilled, and that you will observe or fulfill what you have promised us.”

But the attribute of God’s faithfulness is rather significant; which is another reason why God’s people are not consumed, since that never fails.

God is true to himself and cannot deny himself. He is faithful to his advice and purposes, which will truly be fulfilled; and to his covenant and promises, to be fulfilled; and to his Son, the safety and savior of his people.

Lamentations 3:23 Bible Commentary

It is of the Lord’s mercy that we are not consumed: being thus humiliated and seeing himself and his sin in a proper point of view, he discovers that God, instead of dealing with him in judgment, has treated him with mercy. And that, though the affliction was excessive, yet it is less than his iniquity deserved. If, in fact, any sinner stays out of hell, it is because God’s compassion does not fail.

Lamentations 3:23 Bible Commentary

Verses 22-42 are the center of the present poem, since it also occupies the central place in the entire series of Lamentations. In them, the riches of God’s grace and mercy are displayed in the brightest colors, but as soon as they end, the prophet takes up the language of misfortune.

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