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Mobile Phones Used by Children

The decision to give a child a cell phone, and at what age, is personal to each parent. The average age that children get their own phone is 10.3 years old. One thing experts agree on is that later is better. If you’ve already made the decision to buy a cell phone for the younger kids in the house, there are several things to consider.

Here is some information to help you be well informed before you buy. Specifications and features to look for in a child’s phone Most children are used to playing games on a tablet before getting their own phone, and will use it for the larger screen it offers. But a big screen phone is much easier to drop and crush on the floor than a more compact model that fits in your pocket.

The type of mid-range phones we are looking at here will generally have HD or full-HD screens of less than 5 inches. Since we all know that kids can be clumsy, a waterproof or extra heavy-duty phone would be ideal. Regardless of which phone you choose, we strongly recommend that you also purchase a case to go with it.

Adults can often overlook the front cameras, but for children who love to drink selfies, play Snapchat and video chat, they are very important. Don’t even consider buying a child a phone that doesn’t have a selfies camera. You don’t need to worry too much about the basic specs, since most phones these days have or are capable of everything a child requires: casual games, YouTube, and a camera.

However, the only thing you need to consider is storage: we recommend you avoid anything with less than 16 GB of internal storage. Look for a model with microSD support and be sure to take advantage of cloud services, such as Google Photos, to back up online media so that more storage is available for applications and games.

These are the ten best phones you’ll find for kids today:

  • Motorcycle G5
  • Elephone P8 Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy A3 2017
  • iPhone SE
  • Vodafone Smart Prime 7
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 2017
  • Motorola Moto G4
  • Monqi Kids Smartphone
  • Motorola Moto E 4G
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Mobile Phones Used by Children: Moto G5, Elephone P8, MiniSamsung Galaxy A3, IPhone SE, Vodafone Smart Prime 7
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