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Specifically an industrial scalpel is a cutting tool that has a sharp, replaceable blade that can be retracted into a generally metal handle. The first known use of a utility knife was in 1946. Industrial scalpels have superior quality blades, including industrial cutting knives, trimaways, retractables, and utility blades. The blades of these industrial scalpels are of high resistance. The heavy duty blade uses a cartridge system to replace its blades. The safer design keeps your fingers away from the sharp edges of the blade. Each refill cartridge contains several locking blades.

Precision, consistency and reliability are the main features of these practical tools, which are widely used in a variety of industries, including mold cutting, jewelry production, printing, graphics and artwork. Traditional craftsmanship is combined with the latest technology in the manufacture of a wide range of premium quality scalpels and blades.

Depending on the material, shape and sharpness of the blade, scalpels can be used in graphic design, wood carving, cutting leather or thick cloth, and for many other applications in the medical device industry, as well as in life sciences and in microscopy, electronics, watchmaking and jewelry. Metal and, more recently, ceramic scalpels are typically associated with surgical use: cutting skin and tissue during surgical procedures. As such, standard scalpels are extremely sharp so that the surgeon can penetrate the skin with as little pressure as possible.

However, due to their blade shape and thin handle profile, scalpels are also used in a variety of laboratory, manufacturing and general fabrication applications. These scalpels are used in manufacturing, laboratory or production situations where a delicate blade and a thin handle are required, but where there is no intention of cutting the skin and no intention of protecting the user.

Industries that use precision knives include automobile manufacturers, RC model makers, artists, sculptors, and laboratory technicians, among others. These scalpels are especially useful for working in tight spaces and making detailed movements.

Within the industrial scalpels we can commonly get unbreakable rubber textured handle scalpels. The unbreakable rubber textured handle maximizes grip and reduces hand fatigue. Includes steel blades with snap lock. High performance locking screw. The high-performance locking screw allows for greater blade stability, keeping it pressed for heavy-duty work. Most industrial scalpels have several sections on their blades, one of the most common is the 8 section industrial blade scalpel.

Common Uses of the Industrial Scalpel

It cuts wood, plastic, linoleum and other industrial materials.

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