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Steps to Follow to Lay the Wood Parquet at Home

Determine the installation method

You will want to start by determining the correct procedure for the floor you selected. “Solid wood floors are usually nailed or stapled to a wood subfloor.

Let Your Floors Get Hot

  • Just because your floor has arrived doesn’t mean you have to pull out the nail gun.
    Solid wood floors need time to acclimatize to the room climate.
  • To acclimatize hardwood floors, move the packaged boards to the room where they will be installed and let them rest for several days, with the cartons open and lifted off the floor.
  • This allows the moisture content of the wood to adapt to the conditions of the room. The designed floor does not need to be acclimatized, it is better to store it in the environment before installation.

Prepare your space

  • If you are installing over an existing floor, make sure that the doors can still be opened and closed, and that the appliances are flush with counters.
  • If you are installing over existing wood floors, you should make sure you don’t sand any surfaces that contain asbestos or are covered with lead-based paint or finish.
  • Measure your room: add 5 percent to the finished square surface to reduce the cutting margin, and make chalk lines to balance the room before you begin.
  • Remove any metal pieces or ornaments you reuse, and remove the floor if necessary. If you are nailing the floor, mark the wall to show the position of the floor joists.

Install the Floor

  • Begin by deploying the subfloor, if necessary. Pastrana says to place the floor pieces parallel to the longest wall in the room.
  • Start on the left side and work to the right, with the small tab side toward you. Use spacers between boards and walls to allow for expansion.
  • If you are using a pneumatic nail gun, drill guide holes and nail the first few rows until there is room for the nail gun.

Add the finishing touches

  • Final details can make or break the success of a professional-looking job, you may need to cut boards along the last row.
  • Once you are almost done, trace the contours to be cut and adjusted according to the installation guide. When all rows are installed, remove the spacers and place molding and trim.
  • Apply a 100 percent flexible silicone sealant all around the perimeter to create a tight seal.

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