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A Very Simple Way To Clean Terracotta Floors

Regular use of a mop or broom is all that is needed to keep the space clean. Brick floors can also be vacuumed to remove dust and dirt.

Terracotta floors naturally become more porous over the years, causing watermarks and stains to form.

Annually you should test your terracotta floor for porosity by placing water in the middle of the format. If, after 15 minutes, the water has accumulated on the floor, you must follow the procedure explained below.

To perform this protection and cleaning process for maintenance, use a 25 percent stone floor cleaner solution in a bucket of warm water. Apply lightly with a mop or sponge. Leave for 15 minutes or so, then apply a good scrub to the floor. For stubborn stains, apply the clean product. Clean dirt and grease and rinse with warm water. Use an old towel or dry mop to dry the surface.

Allow slabs to dry thoroughly before applying oil. After it is thoroughly dry, vacuum the floor paying special attention to grout and corners and cracks that may be harboring dust that could damage the finished floor.

Boiled linseed oil is the traditional finish for these unglazed tiles and provides a soft gloss. To help absorb the oil in the tiles, leave the can in a warm place overnight. Apply the oil generously with a brush.

Wait about 20 minutes and check for puddles of linseed oil on the surface. If there is, take the brush and distribute the excess oil. After another 20 minutes, take some rags and wipe off any oil left on the surface. If you allow it to remain, it will dry out, stay sticky and attract dirt and dust.

Leave the tiles for at least eight hours before applying a second coat. Greasy rags can pose a fire hazard. Put them outside to dry before throwing them away.

Wait at least 24 hours before applying a protective coat of stone floor sealer with a brush. Make sure the product is oil-based rather than water-based, as a water-based product will not be suitable for application over lubricated tiles.

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