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People who are interested in seeking a job in the hospitality industry should know that obtaining a degree in the field can play an integral role in helping them start and develop a successful career.

This degree prepares students to work in any public sector that involves hospitality, including, but not limited to, restaurant management, hotel management and customer service.

Earning a bachelor’s degree will allow you to pursue a career in a variety of fields, such as hotel, restaurant and customer service. Once you earn your bachelor’s degree in hospitality, you are likely to find access to a wealth of wonderful career opportunities.

What Does a Bachelor in Hotel Management ?

All over the world you can find possible career options for those who have a degree in hospitality. Many of these jobs can be in leadership and management positions due to the nature of the degree programs, which generally offer courses in the management of specific facets of the hospitality industry.

Job opportunities include event specialist, tour manager, customer service manager, hotel operations manager, spa manager, and corporate communications manager.

Subjects Included in the Hotel Management Program

This type of degree generally focuses on the management aspect of hospitality. The courses cover both academic theory and professional practice.

Academic theory courses may include finance, accounting, marketing, management and professional development. Practical courses may cover event planning, hotel operations and management, and food and beverage service operations.

Students can take specific concentrations in hotel management, international wine and beverage management, or maximizing profits in the electronic marketplace.

Some Countries in Which the Hotel Management Program is Offered

  • Germany
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Cyprus
  • United Arab Emirates
  • France
  • Italy
  • Canada

Some Universities that Offer a Degree in Hotel Management

Degree in Hostel Management

  • Alexander College – Cyprus
  • Larnaca, Cyprus

The hotel and tourism industry is dependent on the economy of Cyprus. This industry offers postgraduate functions in a variety of exciting and fast paced work environments.

Degree in Hostel Management

  • IUBH University of Applied Sciences
  • Bad Honnef, Germany

We prepare you for this challenging environment in the Hospitality Management degree program with extensive knowledge of both the hospitality industry and the general manager.

After graduation, you will be in demand worldwide, for example in the hotel industry, in resorts and clubs, but also in congress and trade fair organisers, management consultancies and specialised hotel service providers.

Degree in Hotel Management

  • Unicaf University (MW)
  • New York, United States

This title is essential for all those who wish to follow a path in the hospitality and tourism industry. The hospitality industry and associated services are a huge and dynamic sector with excellent prospects and opportunities.

Degree in Hotel Management

  • Mena College of Management
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This four-year hospitality management program was developed from extensive industry input and designed with a focus on progressive learning in four key hospitality and tourism areas, including management, finance, human resources and marketing.

Students have the opportunity to learn and develop skills in teamwork, leadership, communication, critical thinking and problem solving.

Studies in Different Academic Levels

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