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Haggai 2. As the Bible says:

Chapter Content

Greater glory promised to the second temple than to the first. (1-9) Their sins hindered the work. (10-19) Christ’s kingdom foretold. (20-23)

The Lord provides messages of encouragement to religious leaders and ordinary citizens who are surprised to appreciate for the first time the process of building restoration. He tells them that the rebuilt temple will impact them more than the one that was previously there. All the silver and gold in the world is the Lord’s.

God tells Haggai to ask the priests some obvious questions about ritual purity. Can ritually clean things clean other things if they touch them? No. Can impure things contaminate other things? Yes.

This leads to another discussion about why bad things are happening and how God promises that things will get much better as they continue to build on the foundation of the temple. The happiness of the Lord for the restoration of the temple is immense as he swears to Zerubbabel, ruler of Judah, that he will put an end to the adversaries of Judah and make him his right hand.

Commentary on Haggai 2: 10-19

Part of the work was damaged by unbelievers who would surely not get any benefit from it. The result learned was to prove that sanctity is more difficult to learn than sin. The dishonesty of their hearts and lives will cause the work of their hands and all their gifts to be repugnant before the Lord. The situation is the same with us. When we have a satisfactory job, let us avoid being disgusting by falling into immoral behavior. 

God will take away the blessings of the impure and ruin the success of the negligent; instead he will relieve the sorrow of those who serve him industriously.

Commentary on Haggai 2: 20-23

God will protect Zerubbabel and the people of Judah from their adversaries. The foundation and survival of the kingdom of God is also foretold, because of the bonds between the Holy Spirit and His people. Similarly, variations are predicted, including the time when God will take the place of those who fought against Him. The promise mentions Christ, who descended from Zerubbabel in a direct line, and is the sole Builder of the temple of the gospel. 

Jesus is the Seal at the right hand of God, who receives the power, and it comes from him. Through him, and in him, all the promises of the Lord are yes and amen. All the changes that take place in the world will promote the convenience, honor, and happiness of his faithful.

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