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What is a Graduate Diploma Program ?

It is the next level of a Higher Education Certificate

A diploma offers an excellent entry point to certain careers. At two years, instead of three or four, it is a faster and more direct route to vocations, such as nursing or counseling, but still provides you with the experience that the job requires.

A Higher Education Diploma has become one of the most popular college courses. A Higher Education Diploma can boost your career prospects. It can increase your chances of getting into the college course of your dreams.

A Higher Education Diploma (DipHE) is similar to a National Higher Education Diploma (HND). It has the same point value as the first two years of study for a university degree, and can sometimes be awarded to a student who leaves a degree program before his or her final year.

Higher education diplomas are also known as integrated education programmes (IEPs). The course content is equivalent to the first year of the associate degree. This means that students who complete the diploma can usually transfer to the second year of the bachelor’s degree.

The benefits of a Higher Education Diploma are that class sizes are smaller, semesters are longer, and additional support is provided to develop academic skills and literacy. Higher education graduates emphasize the development of academic skills in preparation for undergraduate study, while TAFE diplomas focus more on the achievement of competence for vocational or employment purposes.

Higher education diplomas (DipHEs) are undergraduate qualifications equivalent to two-thirds of an honours degree. They focus on a particular job, profession or academic study, and are designed to improve your professional or technical skills, or your knowledge and understanding of a particular subject. A DipHE also shows that you are capable of undertaking extensive studies at the university level.

Students will combine classroom-based theory with elements of practical, hands-on experience. This may include group work, presentations, research, essays, internships and independent study. For example, completing a Counseling Diploma at the higher education level equips the student to enter the workforce as a career counselor.

The HE Diploma in Counseling is likely to include sessions as a trainee counselor; a period of personal therapy; classroom learning about professional ethics; and the development of counseling techniques such as CBT or psychotherapy counseling.

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