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GIRAFFE SANDER: Brands like Makita. Models and Prices

Features of the Giraffe Sander

  • The Giraffe sander is specially designed for vertical use. Its weight is adapted to suit its use, between 2.5 and 5 kilos maximum, which provides a great opportunity to increase its strength!
  • Smooth start with overload protection
  • Variable electronic speed control
  • Optimal weight distribution for balance and control.
  • Hook-and-loop back pad
  • Solid drive shaft
  • Quick Release Hose Connector
  • Two-position sanding head
  • The articulated sanding head can be adjusted to every inclination and angle.

Giraffe Sander Functions

  • The giraffe sander was designed to make sanding and cleaning of interiors and exteriors faster, easier, cleaner and more perfect.
  • With the long giraffe neck it can reach ceilings up to 3 m high without stairs or scaffolding. The unique two-position sanding head makes it easy to sand the ceiling and creates a finer finish.
  • This machine is ideal for sanding gypsum board, cement board, styrene insulation board, paint and coating preparation.

Advantages of Using the Giraffe Sander

As with any DIY job, having the right tool makes all the difference. The Giraffe Sander has been specifically designed to tackle those large drywall walls.

Benefits included:

  • Increased surface area
  • The first thing you’ll notice about your drywall sander is the large, wide base of the sander. This makes it easier to attack those big walls, since you can attack a larger section of wall at a time. The base is designed to handle those large joints in drywall in one stroke.
  • Dust extraction
  • The second major benefit of this gypsum sander is the built-in dust extraction. This is designed to collect all those fine drywall dust particles away from the motor and then eject them into the attached bag.
  • Accurate and safe control.
  • Thanks to the numerous grip options, you can always guide yourself precisely and safely, even directly in front of your body.

Giraffe Sander with Vacuum

The additional advantage of the built-in dust extraction is that all hard-to-clean and messy plaster dust is cleaned out as you work, minimizing the mess and clean-up time you will have to spend when the job is done.

  • Cleaner, safer air.
  • Drywall dust (or dust in general) can be harmful to inhale; when you are sanding large areas manually, all that hazardous dust is blown into the air where it could be inhaled.
  • By accumulating and storing the dust as you go, the drywall sander creates cleaner air that is safer for you and everyone in the room.

Parts of a Giraffe Sander

  1. Round grinding head
  2. Interchangeable tool head with cardan shaft bearing
  3. Handle
  4. Switch (for switching on and off)
  5. Speed controller
  6. Rear handle
  7. 4 m mains connection cable with corresponding plug
  8. 2 mm connection tube
  9. Telescopic tube
  10. Characteristics plate
  11. Telescopic tube lock
  12. Adjustment screw for the lock
  13. Grinding plate with pin and holes for suction
  14. Brush ring
  15. Triangular grinding head (accessory)
  16. Grinding plate with pin and holes for suction

Giraffe Sander Brands


The Einheel giraffe sander for plasterboard is a universal and practical aid for interior accessories and for the renovation of any DIY enthusiast.

The sanding of walls and ceilings as well as the removal of waste wallpaper, paint, loose plaster, etc. are handled effortlessly. Thanks to the practical Velcro system, the sanding discs can be easily installed and replaced on the large sanding disc with a diameter of 225 mm.


It makes use of smart materials and a weight-optimized design that allows for better handling and effortless operation in high ceilings and walls. The unique balance concept guarantees relaxed and balanced work.

Thanks to its optimum centre of gravity and simple operation, sanding is noticeably more comfortable. The D-shaped handle, the thin tube with recessed grip and the optimised joint also contribute to the exemplary ergonomics of the tool.


Complete with sanding plate cover and dust extraction hose extendable up to 4 meters, this 225 mm diameter, 230 watt dry wall sander is ideal for fast and efficient sanding of ceilings and walls.

The sander has variable speed control (0 – 1200 rpm) and is equipped with a telescopic shaft that allows it to reach ceilings in most Victorian properties.


Ideal for grinding and preparing walls and ceilings of gypsum panel construction, detachable telescopic handle for easy transport and compact storage, electronic speed control

4 m suction hose; Hook and loop paper attachment system allows you to quickly change between; 4 M of cable.


The MENZER plasterboard sander is designed for use in plastering, painting and renovation work.

The gypsum sander with integrated dust extraction allows for fast and convenient sanding of walls and ceilings, and the removable sanding head tip allows for smooth sanding to the edge. Areas up to three metres high and even inaccessible corners can be easily reached without ladders or scaffolding.


Features offered

  • Motor power (230 V – 50 Hz) 750W-1,0CV
  • Support length 1200 to 1800 mm.
  • Without loading speed 800-1700 t / min.
  • Sanding diameter ø225 mm
  • Dust extraction ø38 mm
  • Velcro fastening discs
  • Sound pressure 88dB (A)
  • Sound power 99 dB (A)

Other Brands: Makita, Black and Decker and Dewalt

How to remove Gotele with Giraffe Sander ?

  • As it is known, gotele, comes from the French term “gouttelette” (drop), it is a painting technique for walls and ceilings that has a relief in the form of lumps or drops.
  • For application, the paint is generally spread thicker than normal and by providing such a rough surface, it can be applied in different ways.
  • For its elimination I recommend first to cover all the furniture and belongings of the room where you are going to remove the droplet. Place plastic on the floor, cover the sockets, window and door frames. In short, do not leave anything uncovered.
  • We will use paste so we proceed to mix it, this paste is a special putty for coatings, to leave the wall uniform, we knead it until it has the desired consistency.
  • The density of the putty allows us to cover drops of up to 4 mm, depending on the size of the drop, it may need several coats. We applied to the wall with the help of a spatula or trowel, between layers we must let it dry a few hours, when it is covered we must let it dry 24 hours.
  • After that time we can start sanding, with the giraffe sander is faster and easier for its characteristics of work on the wall. When we verify that the wall is smooth and soft, we have finished

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