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Occupational safety experts investigate workplace accidents and help companies comply with local and federal workplace safety regulations. 

Students in Workplace Safety courses are familiar with the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and learn how to apply these rules to a variety of industries. In any type of organization, safety in the workplace is very important. An occupational safety and health certification or degree can be obtained from universities around the world, online and locally.

Free Occupational Safety Course covers topics that provide a solid understanding of the fundamentals of safety and health in the workplace. The course focuses on best practices for implementing and managing a safety program.

A Free Safety Course is an excellent introduction for anyone new to safety responsibilities and an excellent review for experienced safety professionals.

What are the Workplace Safety Courses ?

A Workplace Safety Course is training that focuses on employee rights, employer responsibility and hazard recognition with respect to occupational safety and health. 

These courses comprehensively review the federal and state occupational safety and health standards that a safety professional must know in the performance of their duties.

Students will learn about basic safety practices, industrial hygiene, hazardous materials, workers compensation, stress management, air and water quality regulations, and strategies for ensuring wellness in the workplace.

Students learn how to identify possible risky behaviors or situations and the experience to help remedy them. They also learn leadership and documentation skills, which are invaluable assets.

Program, Subjects and Content of the Workplace Safety Course 

The program content of the Occupational Safety course generally covers the following topics:

  • Principles of safety and risk management.
  • Legislation.
  • Rights and responsibilities of managers, supervisors and workers.
  • Control measures and hazard recognition.
  • Fire prevention and emergency preparedness.
  • Hazards and control measures for chemical, physical and biological hazards.
  • Ergonomics: practices to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Workplace inspection and accident investigation.
  • Developing and implementing effective workplace programs.

Countries and Cities Where You Can Study the Workplace Safety Course for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Italy
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Institutes, Centers and Universities where the Free Workplace Safety Course is possibly taught, through Scholarships

Professional skin diseases: diagnosis and prevention

  • NIVA
  • Helsinki, Finland.

Occupational health in developing countries

  • Bergen University
  • Bergen, Norway.

Management of health and safety at work in international organisations

  • Turin, Italy.

Health and safety for managers and supervisors

  • Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
  • Ontario, Canada.

SAIOSH: Health and Safety Coordinator

  • York Academy
  • Randburg, South Africa.

IOSH accredited – Safe working course with exam

  • Electronic racing
  • Slough, UK.

Advanced Health and Safety Certificate

  • California State University, Dominguez Hills
  • California, United States.

Workplace Safety Course Reference Prices

The prices of the Occupational Safety Courses are varied. The prices of these courses are between $125 and $5,175. The cost of these courses will vary depending on the country where the course is taught, the institution or university that teaches the course, the modality, the duration of the course and the materials provided during the course, among other factors.

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