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There is a sport that can be practiced by people of any age with varying degrees of ability, Volleyball. It can be played all year round, as it can be played both indoors and outdoors. Apart from the pure enjoyment of the game, volleyball has many benefits.

First, it is a fun way to burn calories. Volleyball also improves strength and muscle tone. The activities needed to play volleyball strengthen the upper body, arms, shoulders, thighs, abs and lower legs. In addition, volleyball improves eye-hand coordination, reflexes and balance. Last but not least, volleyball teaches teamwork and communication and is a great social activity.

There are many universities and institutions that offer the Volleyball Course, some of them for free, find your free Volleyball course now and start playing to win.

With a Free Volleyball Course you will have the opportunity to learn everything related to Volleyball, to be a good coach or an excellent player and help in the prevention of injuries.

What are the Volleyball Courses ?

A Volleyball Course is the main entry point for most coaches in the volleyball community or for those who want to pursue a career in volleyball. The Volleyball Course is designed to introduce the game of volleyball and the basic methodology to the future player or coach.

With a Volleyball Course you will be able to acquire knowledge about the history, basic rules, techniques and tactics (as well as the main mistakes made and their respective ways of correction). As with any sport, there is a risk of injury when playing volleyball.

With this course students also acquire, from a motor point of view, the technical and tactical procedures that improve their ability to teach and demonstrate what they have learned. You can learn the sports movements, tactics and didactic organization necessary for volleyball education.

Volleyball Course Program, Subjects and Content 

The program content of the Volleyball course generally covers the following topics:

  • The demands of volleyball as a team sport.
  • Principles of motor learning applied to Volleyball
  • Principles of teaching individual and team tactics
  • Design of drills, lesson plans and teaching units.
  • Study of fundamental individual tactics and techniques.
  • Serving.
  • Forearm pass.
  • Passing over the arm.
  • Spike.
  • Block.
  • Defensive techniques.
  • Study of the basic tactical structure of the modified game.
  • Pre-volleyball games.
  • Modified games (1×1; 2×2; 3×3).
  • Formal play (6×6).

Countries and Cities Where You Can Study the Volleyball Course for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • United Arab Emirates

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where Free Volleyball Courses are Possible, through Scholarships

England Volleyball Level 1

  • England Volleyball
  • England, United Kingdom.

SafeSport Training

  • United States of America Volleyball
  • Colorado, United States.

Australian Volleyball Coaches Education Program FOUNDATION Coaching Course (Level 1)

  • Volleyball Victoria Inc.
  • Victoria, Australia.

New Zealand Volleyball Coach Development Program

  • New Zealand Volleyball.
  • Auckland, New Zealand.

The NCCP Volleyball Workshops

  • Volleyball BC
  • British Columbia, Canada.

FIVB Level 1 Training Course

  • Volleyball South Africa
  • Johannesburg, South Africa.

Volleyball Training

  • U.A.E. Volleyball Academy
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Volleyball Course Reference Prices

The prices of the Volleyball Courses are varied. The prices of these courses are between $60 and $1,500. The cost of these courses will vary depending on the country where the course is given, the institution or university that teaches the course, the modality, the duration of the course and the materials provided during the course, among other factors.

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