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A Traffic Officer is an officer who works within the traffic office of the police department. Traffic Officers are responsible for the safety of all motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians on the roadways.

They patrol roads, issue tickets and direct traffic. Depending on the city, traffic officers may also investigate hit-and-run accidents. This can be a high-stress job, and candidates must be in good physical and mental condition. Long hours and irregular shifts are also common. However, this job pays a higher than average salary and may attract people who are interested in enforcing the law and keeping communities safe.

Although a bachelor’s degree is generally not required, some departments may want potential recruits who have taken a minimum number of college-level courses. Criminal justice is an area of study that may be desirable in this field. Some of the Traffic Officer Courses are free. Generally, some institutions have requirements such as being of legal age, being in good physical condition, being of good moral character as determined by a thorough background check, being a native of the country.

This program is widely offered at colleges, police institutions, universities and community colleges. Some courses you can take include police practices, police systems, legal aspects, criminology, and driver education, among others.

What is and what are the Traffic Officer Courses ?

The Traffic Officer Course is a training program for road safety and law enforcement officers, traffic officers, traffic police, and other names it is called. Traffic officers enforce the rules of the road and signs. They ensure that all road users, including pedestrians, use our roads in an orderly and safe manner.

The main objective of this course is to train the traffic officer to ensure the safe and free flow of traffic, and thus avoid traffic accidents and deaths on our roads. When necessary, an officer issues citations for illegally parked vehicles, directs traffic at intersections, testifies at administrative hearing offices and in court, prepares required reports, and may be called upon to operate a motor vehicle. Traffic Officers perform their patrol duties primarily on cars, motorcycles, bicycles and some on foot.

Traffic Officer Course Schedule, Subjects and Content

These are some of the topics that can be included in the program content of a Traffic Officer Course:

  • Speed Measuring Devices
  • Alcohol testing devices
  • Measuring tapes
  • Mass Measurement Devices
  • Citation Books
  • Infringement notices
  • National Road Traffic Act
  • National Land Transportation Act
  • Law on Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Infractions
  • Preventive Management
  • Criminal law
  • Patrol Procedures
  • Cultural diversity
  • Investigation procedures
  • Report Writing
  • Defensive tactics
  • Firearms
  • Leadership
  • Ethics
  • Community Policing
  • Police vehicle operations
  • Compliance, accident investigation, handling of emotional situations and first aid / CPR

The course also includes a challenging fitness requirement that will prepare academy students for police service.

Countries and Cities Where You Can Study the Traffic Officer Course for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • United States
  • South Africa
  • Colombia
  • Argentina

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Free Transit Agent Course is Possibly Given, through Scholarships

Advanced Search and Seizure: Traffic Stops

  • Blue to Gold, LLC
  • America.

Traffic Officer Course

  • Limpopo Traffic Training College
  • Limpopo, South Africa.

Traffic Officer Course

  • Port Elizabeth Traffic Training College
  • Port Elizabeth – Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Traffic Officer Course

  • The Academy (Coyote Valley Campus)
  • San Jose, California, United States.

Transit, Transportation and Road Safety Course

  • Intransit – Technical Institute of Transit and Transport
  • Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia.

Technical Labor Course by Competencies in Traffic Agent

  • Valledupar, Colombia.

Course for Traffic and Police Agents

  • Centre for Road Safety Policy and Management Training
  • Argentina.

Transport and Transit Agent Course

  • Ittmavirtual
  • Online.

Referral Transit Agent Course Pricing

The Transit Agents Courses may have different prices depending on the country and the institution granting the course. Currently, it is possible to get Transit Agent courses for free, and you can even find some of these courses where the institution pays the student during the course.

This is done with the purpose of projecting future agents for the academy that trains the student. It is also possible to get paid Transit Agent courses, where the student must pay fees from 300 $USD to 4000 $USD.

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