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Philosophy is a study that seeks answers to general and fundamental questions, in what it differs from any other study or science. The Master of Philosophy programs address the profound problems related to existence, values, mind, language and reason, with systematic and rational methods, and with a pinch of healthy criticism. 

A master’s program in philosophy helps students learn to think, judge and reason. In addition, it introduces students to different fields of thought and different cultures. During your coursework in philosophy, you will be exposed to the work of Western and non-Western thinkers. You will learn to evaluate their work and come to understand it. 

Philosophy helps students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. There are universities and institutions that offer this program free of charge or that offer the possibility of a scholarship.

A Free Master’s Degree in Philosophy is the study of human existence, its problems and behavior. The field strives to use rational thinking and logical approaches to discover the knowledge that humans need to live well. 

It is the basis for ideas about morality, ethics, government, and democracy. Those who have graduated from other fields may switch to philosophy out of curiosity or because of the flexibility it gives them in terms of their career.

A Master of Philosophy degree is an excellent option if you are interested in developing your research skills while preparing for the opportunity to advance to a doctorate.

What is a Master Degree in Philosophy ?

A Master of Philosophy is a strictly philosophical field that focuses on equipping students with all the necessary skills in the field. The Master Degree in Philosophy on the other hand can be organized to also incorporate the knowledge and skills of other fields to complement that of philosophy.

There are many branches of Philosophy that study everything from the deepest theoretical subjects to easier and less abstract ones. Some examples are metaphysics which studies the nature of reality and seeks the answer to how the mind and body are connected.

Ethics is also known as “moral philosophy,” political philosophy which is an applied study of government and individuals as part of the state, philosophy of language, mind and religion, aesthetics, logic and many more. 

Students pursuing a Master of Philosophy may specialize in their area of interest. Because of the wide range of possibilities, graduates of Master of Philosophy programs may have many career opportunities in a variety of different fields.

Program, Subjects and Content of the Master Degree in Philosophy

These are some of the topics that can be included in the programmatic content of a Master of Philosophy:

  • Classical Philosophy
  • Formal Epistemology
  • Philosophical intuitions and methodology
  • Moral and political philosophy in the 19th century
  • Origins and history of analytical philosophy
  • Philosophy of logic
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Philosophy of the mind
  • Political Philosophy
  • Texts in contemporary metaphysics
  • Texts on the history of political philosophy
  • Topics of recent moral theory

How Long Does the Master Degree in Philosophy Take ?

An independent Master of Philosophy degree usually lasts two years when studied as a full-time degree. Alternatively, you can study four to five years part time.

Where can I Work with the Master of Philosophy ?

Fortunately, the logical and critical reasoning skills developed during a Master of Philosophy degree are applicable to many different careers, in different fields. You can work in the public or private sector or pursue a career in government.

Graduates of a Master of Philosophy degree are successful business partners, excellent lawyers, and successful CEOs. Some of the most common degrees are:

  • Teaching Careers
  • Philosophy and Law
  • Medical Ethics
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Computers and Technology

Countries and Cities Where You Can Study the Master Degree in Philosophy for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • Italy
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Russia
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • United States
  • South Africa

Institutes, Centers and Universities where the Master Degree in Philosophy is Possibly Taught for Free, through Scholarships

Master of Philosophy

  • University of Turin
  • Turin, Italy.

 Master in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

  • University of Witten / Herdecke (UW / H)
  • Witten, Germany.

Master of Philosophy

  • New Faculty of Humanities
  • London, United Kingdom.

Master in Political Philosophy

  • Ural Federal University
  • Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Master of Research in Philosophy

  • University of Antwerp
  • Antwerp, Belgium.

Master of Philosophy

  • Leiden University
  • Leiden, Netherlands.

Master of Philosophy

  • Tufts University – Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Medford, United States.

Master of Philosophy

  • University of Johannesburg
  • Johannesburg, South Africa.

Master Degree in Philosophy Reference Prices

The prices of the Master of Philosophy can be varied. The prices of these Masters are between $6,750 and $39,400. In some cases it can have a higher cost.

The cost of this Master’s degree will vary according to the country where it is taught, the institution or university that teaches the Master’s degree, the modality, the duration, and the materials provided during the study, among other factors.

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