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Acupuncture is based on the use of needles with a very small diameter on the skin in certain places of the human body. Although its main effect is pain relief, it is increasingly used for other purposes.

By drawing on ancient wisdom and the gifts of nature, students of a Master’s degree will learn to intentionally choose their words and actions to be a supportive healing presence to their patients. 

These programs develop highly skilled and compassionate practitioners who offer acupuncture as a catalyst for healing and wellness, as well as for greater self-awareness and personal transformation. 

In addition, the programs provide a solid foundation in professional development, practice management, and business skills needed to develop a practice or enter the workforce and participate in today’s growing field of health care. There are universities and institutions that offer this program free of charge that offer the possibility of a scholarship.

The Free Master of Acupuncture program is designed for people who want to become an acupuncturist to improve the well-being of others. People with a Master of Acupuncture degree often establish their own private practice or work in other group practices.

What is a Master Degree in Acupuncture ?

The program usually covers advanced topics and provides practical work experience. Students learn how to safely care for patients while demonstrating proficiency in traditional Chinese medicine techniques, patient assessment, creating treatment plans, acupuncture techniques, and professionalism. 

Students can learn about advanced acupuncture skills, tui na, Chinese herbs, and how to integrate Western and Eastern medical practices.

The program incorporates Western medical diagnosis with Chinese medical theory. A strong focus on evidence-based medicine is combined with the philosophical and cultural aspects of traditional Chinese medicine.

This program provides students with the fundamental skills and knowledge to become licensed acupuncturists in various settings, especially in private and small group practices.

Program, Subjects and Content of the Master Degree in Acupuncture

These are some of the topics that can be included in the program content of a Master of Acupuncture:

  • Theory of Chinese Medicine
  • Acupuncture Theory and Practice Campus
  • Neurophysiology and acupuncture techniques
  • Clinical Chinese Medicine
  • Classical Chinese Medicine Literature and Clinical Lecture (Acupuncture)
  • Professional Problems Healthcare System
  • Clinical Chinese Medicine

How Long Does the Master Degree in Acupuncture Take ?

A Master’s Degree in Acupuncture lasts 2 years full time.

Where can I Work with the Master Degree in Acupuncture ?

Completing this program can allow a person to serve their community with Western medical techniques. Career opportunities can be found in private practice or in a group or clinical setting where a graduate can help others by administering acupuncture treatments. A graduate may also work in research or writing about Chinese medicine to help advance the field.

The combination of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, clinical experience, and recognized qualifications prepares you for a career in acupuncture, which may involve independent practice, employment in a multidisciplinary healthcare clinic, teaching, and research.

Countries and Cities Where You Can Study the Master’s Degree in Acupuncture for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • China
  • United States
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • Hong Kong
  • Australia
  • Canada

Institutes, Centers and Universities where the Master Degree in Acupuncture is Possibly Taught for Free, through Scholarships

Master in Acupuncture, Moxibustion, and Tuina

  • Zhejiang Chinese Medical University
  • Zhejiang, China.

Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

  • American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
  • Houston, United States.

Master of Health Practice in Acupuncture

  • Auckland University of Technology
  • Auckland, New Zealand.

Masters in Acupuncture

  • London South Bank University
  • England, United Kingdom.

Masters in Acupuncture

  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

Master of Chinese Medicine

  • Western Sydney University
  • New South Wales, Australia.

Acupuncture Program

  • Central School
  • British Columbia, Canada.

Master Degree in Acupuncture Reference Prices

The prices of the Master of Acupuncture can be varied. The prices of these Masters are between 4,500$ and 32,200$. In some cases it can have a higher cost.

The cost of this Master’s degree will vary depending on the country where it is taught, the institution or university that teaches the Master’s degree, the modality, duration, and the materials provided during the study, among other factors.

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