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Fine Jewelry requires a higher initial investment, as materials such as precious metals and stones are expensive. On the other hand, imitation Jewelry is modern and economical. For many people, making their own fashion imitation Jewelry bracelets and necklaces has become an obsession. If you are a creative person and interested in the art of designing and creating fashion imitation Jewelry, this is good news for you.

Nowadays there are several training centers, institutions, websites and private facilitators who give imitation Jewelry Courses. Many of these courses are given for free. This could be the time to find out how making and selling handmade imitation Jewelry can help you offset the costs of supply or earn some extra money. You might even expect to quit your job one day if the business takes off. 

What are the Imitation Jewelry Courses ?

An imitation Jewelry Course is a training programme in do-it-yourself or handcrafted imitation Jewelry making techniques. This course will teach you the general terminology of imitation Jewelry making and introduce you to basic tools, materials and styles.

Imitation Jewelry is the making of handmade imitation Jewelry with materials of lesser value than an original piece of fine Jewelry, without losing presence or elegance.

In this Course the student will learn to work with various types of materials for the construction of imitation Jewelry such as: wire, beads, pearls, semi-precious stones, natural seeds, leather, steel, wood, natural and synthetic fibers, among other materials.

You will learn how to make rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, beads and much more. A Bijouterie  Course will teach you many tips and tricks along with the basic techniques needed to make ornamental imitation Jewelry. This course will give you confidence in your imitation Jewelry making skills and help you finish each piece properly to achieve a professional look.

Program, Subjects and Content of the Imitation Jewelry Course

These are some of the topics that can be included in the program content of a imitation Jewelry Course:

  • Introduction to Fashion imitation Jewelry
  • Imitation Jewelry Materials
  • Semi-precious stones
  • Wire and wire types for fashion imitation Jewelry
  • How to make a simple open loop with wire
  • Eye bolts
  • Loops for hanging beads
  • Connectors and Pins
  • Rosary bead chain
  • Polymer clay imitation Jewelry
  • Braided bracelets
  • Sliding knot bracelets
  • Friendship bracelets
  • Russian spiral stitch
  • Earrings with seeds
  • Hanging Earrings
  • Metallurgy and welding in metal imitation Jewelry
  • Sheet metal perforation
  • Leather links
  • Tiger tail techniques for making necklaces or bracelets

Countries and Cities Where You Could Study the Imitation Jewelry Course for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Spain
  • Panama
  • United Kingdom
  • Colombia

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Imitation Jewelry Course is Possibly Free, through Scholarships

Course: Learn to make imitation Jewelry

  • California, United States.

Imitation Jewelry Courses: Necklaces, Bracelets, Mobiles and Wire

  • Shakti 
  • Winnipeg, Canada.

Jewelry and imitation Jewelry Courses

  • In The Studio
  • Alicante, Spain.

Craft and Bijouterie Making Courses

  • Verisimo Castillo Fine Arts Center
  • Puerto Armuelles, Panama.

Imitation Jewelry Course: Beads and Wire

  • London imitation Jewelry School
  • London, England, United Kingdom.

Imitation Jewelry Course

  • Decorations Valentina
  • Giron, Santander, Colombia.

Imitation Jewelry Tutorial Courses

  • Imitation Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters
  • Online.

Wire imitation Jewelry Course

  • Bluprint – Heidi Boyd
  • Online.

Imitation Jewelry Course Reference Prices

The prices of the imitation Jewelry Courses are varied, they will depend on the country, the institution that teaches the course, the modality, the materials provided during the course (generally they include tool kits and materials for beginners), among other factors.

The prices of the imitation Jewelry Courses range from $29.99 to $350.

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