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Human resources is used to describe both the people who work for a company or organization and the department responsible for managing employee-related resources.

Human resource management is a general contemporary term used to describe the management and development of employees in an organization, and involves overseeing everything related to the management of an organization’s human capital.

Given the great demand for qualified Human Resources professionals in the market, many universities and educational and training centers have developed Human Resources Courses in order to train skilled and suitable personnel for the operation of this department.

A Free Human Resources Course can give you a competitive advantage in today’s economy. More and more job offers say that HR certification is «required» or «preferred».

This course helps the student keep up with changes in human resource laws and fundamental practices. A Free HR Course is vital for anyone interested in working in a human resources department, because the success of any modern organization depends on the quality of human capital management.

What are the Human Resources Courses ?

A Human Resources Course is a training program that provides students with the knowledge they need to manage the human resources of an organization. The course offers a general understanding of the concepts, theories and practices of human resource management.

The course progressively imparts the necessary skills and identifies a person’s achievements and capabilities in the field of human resources. It is a high quality course led by industry experts designed to equip you with practical human resource skills.

A Human Resources Course covers topics ranging from labor law, human resource policies, succession planning, compensation and benefits, employee engagement and talent management to interviewing and performance evaluation.

The course ensures that each student demonstrates the core competencies in the human resource profession. Accordingly, each student will be required to complete the simple assessment for certification.

The course not only equips you with a set of human resource tools, which ensures the practical aspects of human resources, but also adds management skills. These skills include, but are not limited to, human resource business partnerships and strategic human resource management.

Program, Subjects and Content of the Human Resources Course 

These are some of the topics that can be included in the program content of a Human Resources Course:

  • HR Operations 
  • Human Resources and Employment Planning
  • Recruitment and selection 
  • Compensation and benefits 
  • Human resource development and retention 
  • Employee relations 
  • Health, safety and security 
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Training and development
  • Health, safety and security 
  • HR as a business leader 
  • Provision of human resources services 
  • Measurement 
  • Work analysis
  • Talent and performance management
  • Training and development and evaluation techniques
  • Change and Performance Management
  • Employee relations and participation
  • Complaints
  • Behavioral problems
  • Organizational output
  • Health and safety and protection
  • Labour laws
  • Total rewards
  • Salary level decision
  • Appraisal methods
  • Corporate Governance
  • Organizational Culture
  • Business strategy
  • Leadership and management theories
  • Control and evaluation of human resources
  • Organizational environments

Countries and Cities Where You Could Study the Human Resources Course for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • United Arab Emirates
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Thailand
  • Canada
  • Serbia

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Free Human Resources Course is Possibly Taught, through Scholarships

Human Resources Management Certification Training Course

  • Zabeel International
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Human Resources Training Courses

  • Informa Connect
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Global Human Resources Management Course

  • HEC Paris
  • Paris, France.

International Human Resources Management Certificate Course

  • University of Essex 
  • Colchester, UK.

Certified Course in Human Resources Management

  • University of Southern California
  • Costa Mesa, CA, United States.

Advanced Human Resources Practice Course

  • London Business Training and Consulting
  • London, United Kingdom.

Human Resources Management (HRM) Course

  • Columbia Southern University
  • Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration
  • Bangkok, Thailand.

Human Resources Certificate Course

  • University of Tulsa College of Business Administration
  • Bow Valley College
  • Calgary, Canada.

Human Resources Management Course

  • Royal Business College
  • Belgrade, Serbia.

Human Resources Course Reference Prices

The prices of the Human Resources Courses are varied. The prices of these courses are between $275 and $720. The cost of these courses will vary depending on the country where the course is taught, the institution or university that teaches the course, the modality, the duration of the course and the materials provided during the course, among other factors.

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