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Preceding the languages of the world, people have been drawing as a practical and artistic form of expression for tens of thousands of years, with the famous cave drawings of Lascaux, France and their detailed representations of local fauna and flora, estimated at 20,000 years. From cavemen to Degas, drawing has been both a source of cultural art and a vital form of communication. 

Drawing is an essential part of many art and design processes, from the drawing required to produce architectural representations to the sketches that serve as blueprints for the latest fashion trends. Learn to draw or continue your education by learning new drawing techniques and tools, by taking a Free Drawing Course, you will enter this artistic world.

What are the Drawing Courses ?

A Drawing Course is a training in an art form that uses pencil, pen, charcoal, pastel and other drawing tools to represent visual art, commercial designs and technical plans. Drawing Courses offer useful instruction for beginning artists, and many offer classes at intermediate or advanced levels. They are designed for beginners of any age, from young children to adults.

A Course in drawing could lead to a career as an illustrator, artist, art teacher or animator. It is also a useful foundation for careers in architecture, fashion design, and other forms of commercial and technical drawing.

Program, Subjects and Content of the Drawing Course 

The program content of the Drawing course generally covers the following topics:

  • The correct way to use the reference.
  • Draw what they see and observe.
  • Drawing basic lines and shapes.
  • Understand the basic concepts of volume, light, shadow and composition.
  • How to advance in their artistic learning.
  • Understand some basic shapes.
  • Outline lines, texture and construction
  • Lines, ellipses and boxes

Countries and Cities Where You Could Study the Drawing Course for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • Australia
  • United States
  • Canada.
  • Spain.
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Free Drawing Course is Possibly Given, through Scholarships

Drawing Course Nature, Science and Culture Natural History Illustration 101

  • Newcastle University
  • New South Wales, Australia.

How to Draw Course

  • Marketing different from the city
  • New Mexico, United States.

Course on Perspective and Structural Drawing

  • Art Animation School Toronto
  • Ontario, Canada.

Summer Course in Children’s Illustration

  • IED – European Institute of Design Madrid
  • Madrid, Spain.

Summer courses in drawing and illustration

  • Bournemouth University of the Arts
  • Bournemouth, UK.

Drawing course

  • German Academy of Fine Arts
  • Berlin, Germany.

Reference Prices for the Drawing Course

The reference prices of the drawing courses range from $10 to $700, approximately.

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