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Student teachers learn ways to effectively teach their future young students life skills, such as social skills and cultural norms. 

Modern approaches include the ability to help young learners create their own knowledge by teaching them to learn, helping them develop critical thinking, stimulating creativity, participating in self- and peer assessment, and others.

What is a PhD in Pedagogy ?

This degree focuses on teaching and learning methods. Students can take courses in curriculum development, including approaches to conveying information to people with different skills and learning styles. 

Students in a pedagogy program should have an understanding of the learning process and be better able to understand their own skills and help others. 

Graduates can increase their job satisfaction and ability to succeed by improving their communication, persuasion, and teaching skills.

A PhD in Pedagogy prepares graduates to work as curriculum developers or learning consultants. Most universities also look for pedagogy experts to complete their faculty. 

In some countries, this degree prepares graduates for broader social work, such as educational counselors who instruct at-risk individuals or support families.  Graduates may find employment as learning specialists in institutions such as orphanages or youth rehabilitation centers.

Program, Subjects and Content of the Doctorate in Pedagogy

Some of the subjects taught in the career are:

  • Introduction to the philosophy of science
  • Epistemology of Education
  • Ethnography
  • Education and social science statistics
  • Research methodologies: qualitative and quantitative methods

Countries and Cities Where You Can Study the PhD in Pedagogy for Free Obtaining a Scholarship

Some countries where you can study the doctorate in Pedagogy:

  • Italy
  • Norway
  • Latvia
  • United Kingdom
  • Slovenia
  • United States

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Doctorate in Pedagogy is Possibly Taught for Free, through Scholarships 

Doctorate in General Pedagogy, Social Pedagogy, General Didactics and Disciplinary Didactics.

  • Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
  • Bolzano, Italy

Doctorate in Research on training in pedagogical resources and learning processes in kindergarten and school

  • University College of Southeast Norway
  • Drammen, Norway

Doctorate in Pedagogy

  • Rezekne University of Applied Sciences
  • Rēzekne, Latvia

PhD in Curriculum, Pedagogy and Evaluation

  • University College of London
  • England, United Kingdom

Doctorate in Pedagogy

  • University of Maribor
  • Maribor, Slovenia

Doctorate in Educational Studies and Pedagogy

  • Ohio State University 
  • Ohio, United States

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