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Graphic design, also known as visual communication design, takes the visual as a form of communication and expression, through a variety of ways to create and combine symbols, images and text, so that it is used to convey ideas or messages of visual expression. 

The graphic designer may have professional skills in the use of typography, visual art, page design, computer software, etc., to achieve the purpose of the creation program. Graphic design generally refers to the process of elaboration (design) as well as the final completion of the work.

Common uses of graphic design include identification (branding and branding), publications (magazines, newspapers and books), print ads, posters, billboards, web graphics, logos and product packaging.

PhD’s in Graphic Design are available in many specializations. If you want to do advanced work or research in graphic design getting a Doctorate in Graphic Design could be a good option for you

What is a PhD in Graphic Design ?

PhD Programs in Graphic Design are generally designed for those who wish to teach graphic design courses at the university level. You can also pursue a career by researching technical and creative advances in the field of graphic design.

A Doctorate in Graphic Design allows students to do in-depth research and add their findings to the academic literature on visual communication.

The length of a PhD in Graphic Design will depend on the area of study, the university and the project being undertaken. Generally, you will be asked to submit a body of work and a major thesis.

Program, Subjects and Content of the Doctorate in Graphic Design

The core of a doctoral program in graphic design includes courses in qualitative and quantitative research methods, and design theory and criticism. 

You will also take courses in human interaction with designed objects, multicultural communication, design education, or design history, depending on your chosen concentration. A thesis or dissertation project that requires original research is also usually a requirement.

Some courses that can be expected in a doctoral program in graphic design may include:

  • Advanced Typography
  • Digital design
  • Web Design
  • Interactive design
  • Research methods for graphic design.
  • Photography

Countries and Cities Where You Can Study the PhD in Graphic Design for Free Obtaining a Scholarship

Some countries where you can study the Doctorate in Graphic Design:

  • China
  • India
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Iran
  • Turkey

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Doctorate in Graphic Design is Possibly Taught for Free, through Scholarships 

Doctorate in Graphic Design and Typography 

  • Anglia University 
  • Ruskin Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Doctorate in Graphic Design

  • European University of Cyprus (EUC)
  • The school of arts and sciences of education
  • Cyprus, Turkey

PhD in Computer Graphics Design

  • Cornell University
  • New York, United States

PhD in Graphic Design Research

  • University of China
  • China

Doctorate in Visual Design

  • Ambedkar University 
  • Bharat Ratna, India

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