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Digital illustration is the technique of using a computer to produce original artwork. Digital illustrators use a combination of illustration software and image editing software to create computer art. Digital illustration is not simply the manipulation of images with software; it is the actual creation of new art with digital tools.

A Digital Illustration Course will help you have a good understanding of the various techniques used in digital illustration. In a Digital Illustration Course you will explore the work of successful illustrators and professionals from around the world, and receive advice from industry experts on how best to approach the discipline and its career paths, trends, and opportunities.

With this course you can learn how to illustrate for comics, graphic novels, books, children’s books, packaging, the web, games of chance, films, and more. Many of these courses are given free of charge.

This course is perfect for you if you are looking for basic knowledge covering many different topics and techniques. If you are looking for an introduction to digital illustration techniques to find the right path for you, this is the right course!

What are the Digital Illustration Courses ?

A Digital Illustration Course is a training program that provides an overview of a wide variety of digital illustration techniques. The course teaches students the process of digital illustration and prepares them to work on various styles. Realistic and stylized illustration methods are examined as students work on developing their personal styles.

In this course, students will learn the basics of digital illustration and explore different techniques, including digital painting, drawing, and even a brief animation. They will be able to apply their learning in different contexts, such as vector and isometric illustration, illustrating the screen, hand drawing and effects, as well as basic GIF animation techniques.

The course will be suitable for people interested in learning to illustrate with digital tablets, Photoshop and many other digital media applications and tools. 

Program, Subjects and Content of the Digital Illustration Course

These are some of the topics that can be included in the programmatic content of a Digital Illustration Course:

  • Basic Color Theory
  • Tricks and techniques of vectorial illustration
  • Making patterns
  • Isometric Illustration
  • 3D Illustration in Adobe Illustrator
  • Hand-drawn digital illustration
  • Drawing effects: textures and colors
  • Photography and illustration: making collage
  • GIF animation
  • Display illustration: suitability, use and preparation
  • Advice from industry experts
  • Digital workspace exploration
  • Digital design: Adobe InDesign
  • Basic digital drawing skills
  • Perspective grids
  • Lighting principles
  • Create and edit Photoshop brushes
  • Imitating paint, pencil and ink effects
  • Melt modes and filters
  • Applying textures
  • Management of layers, groups and masks
  • Export images for print, Instagram and web

Countries and Cities Where You Could Study the Digital Illustration Course for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • United States
  • Italy
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • United Kingdom

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Free Digital Illustration Course is Possibly Taught, through Scholarships

Digital Illustration Course 

  • Central Saint Martins 
  • Online.

Graphic Design and Digital Illustration Courses

  • The New School
  • New York, NY, United States.

Digital Illustration Summer Course

  • Florence International Design Institute
  • Florence, Italy.

Digital Illustration using a Pen and Screen

  • RMIT University 
  • Individual and Short Courses Unit
  • Melbourne, Australia.

Digital Illustration Courses

  • Seneca College
  • Toronto, ON, Canada.

Digital Art Production

  • Ryerson University
  • Toronto, ON, Canada.

Graphic Illustration and Design Fundamentals Course (Adobe Illustrator)

  • First Media Design School
  • Singapore, Singapore.

Illustration Skills Certificate

  • Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
  • Universal Business Academy
  • Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Course of Graphics and Digital Illustration

  • Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts
  • Cambridge, UK.

Digital Illustration Course Reference Prices

The prices of the Digital Illustration Courses are varied. The difference in cost of these courses will depend on factors such as the country where the course is given, the institution that gives the course, the level of the course and to whom it is given, materials provided during the course, the modality, schedules, among other factors. These courses have costs ranging from $14.50 to $480, and in some cases may have a higher cost.

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