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In today’s business world, customer service is as important as product quality and value for money. Contemporary consumers are no longer willing to deal with brands, businesses and organizations that do not offer the elite service standards that are now considered the norm.

Poor customer service has the potential to inflict irreparable damage on the reputation of any brand or company. At the opposite end of the scale, superior customer service can be the most crucial element of all in building a successful business.

What is a Customer Service Course ?

Free customer service courses have been designed by leading academics with career advancement in mind. Whether you are looking to expand your current position or diversify completely into a new professional area, specific study can make a difference.

The learning objectives are:

  • Factors that can affect an organization’s customer service role.
  • Employee rights, responsibilities and organizational procedures
  • Career paths within customer service
  • How employees are supported within the customer service role
  • Organizational policies and procedures
  • Program, Subjects and Content of the Customer Care Course

Over the course of five in-depth units, candidates explore the definition of customer service from a modern business perspective, along with effective strategies for assessing customer needs and expectations. The content of the free customer service course also investigates customer complaints and feedback, the importance of ongoing staff training, how long-term customer relationships can benefit a company, and other related topics.

You will investigate the most important elements of the customer service package, the strategies crucial to understanding customer expectations, the importance of flawless communication skills, and how to deal with problem customers.

Countries and Cities Where You Could Study the Customer Service Course for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • China

Institutes, Centers and Universities where the Free Customer Service Course is possibly taught, through Scholarships

Customer Service – Level 1

  • Oxford Home Study Centre
  • Oxford, United Kingdom

Customer Service Level 2

  • Vision2learn
  • Newcastle, United Kingdom

Listening to the Customer

  • MIT Open Courseware
  • Massachusetts, United States.

Virtual Online Customer Service Training

  • The customer’s approach
  • Missouri, United States

Online Customer Service Certificate Course

Develop the skills needed to be an exceptional customer service representative

  • Courses for success
  • New York, United States

Communication / Customer Service

  • Algonquin School
  • Ontario, Canad

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