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It is known from experience that hand pressure on a painful area calms the pain and relaxes it. Through this experience, from generation to generation and from culture to culture, they stopped summarizing different massage techniques, until what is now known as chiropractic massage.

The Chiromassage, is a group of movements made with the hands in contact with the body of the patient, these movements are of several types: kneading, percussions, frictions, pumping, vertebral shakes, touch, rotations, muscular stretching, among other movements.

The effect of the chiromassage is polyvalent, since it can be stimulating, when it acts on the nervous motors, or relaxing and sedative when it acts on the sensitive nerves. The application of massage not only helps to relieve existing ailments, but also prevents future ailments and prevents injuries.

Due to the many health benefits of massage and the high demand for trained professionals in this area, many specialized institutions have developed Chiromassage Courses to train personnel in this area. Many of these courses are offered free of charge.

A Free Chiromassage Course teaches the student established manual techniques and movements to alleviate ailments and provide a wide range of benefits to the patient. This course teaches the study of the anatomy of the human being and the theory and practice of manipulations on a massage table. 

This unique profession combines ancient healing with modern science, allowing the therapist to experience a truly unique sense of directly improving a patient’s health and well-being. So if it strikes you that you can help people improve their health through this practice, then a Chiromassage Course may be for you.

What are the Chiromassage Courses ?

A Chiromassage Course is a training program in health services through the application of manipulation techniques and hand movements on the patient’s body. 

The techniques explained in the Chiromassage Course are adapted to the patient’s needs, and range from relaxing and improving the nervous and muscular systems to improving the elasticity of the parts of the body that have suffered problems for various reasons.

The student of this course will learn anatomy, the different systems of the human body and how to influence them with chiromassage, combining theory and practice with their own classmates.

In a Chiromassage Course, students in this course will learn different rhythms of movements, including gentle movements: relaxation or sensitive chiromassage; and intense movements: sports chiromassage, adapted for muscle contractions and small muscle problems.

Students will learn how to correctly plan the different massage techniques to be used according to the ailments and type of patient. The Chiromassage Course will allow the student to get a job in spas, cruise ships, beauty centres, health centres or to work on a self-employed basis.

Program, Subjects and Content of the Chiromassage Course

These are some of the topics that can include the programmatic content of a Chiromassage Course:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Introduction to Chiromassage 
  • Venous Decongestion
  • Digital kneading
  • Simple kneading with the knuckles
  • Knead completely with the knuckles
  • Thumb-kneading
  • Reinforced kneading
  • Pinch with a twist
  • Concave applause
  • Digital applause
  • Digital applause with friction
  • Applause
  • Digital Touches
  • Circumflexed Digital Touches
  • Muscle rotation
  • Tight
  • Torsional cuffs
  • Surfing pinching
  • Approach and separation pinches.
  • Rubbing
  • Fingers
  • Vibration
  • Spinal pressure
  • Cervical Stretch
  • Mobilizations
  • Addendum
  • Bending
  • Extension
  • Hyperextension
  • Rotation
  • Circumference
  • Latero-flexion
  • Supination
  • Pronation

Countries and Cities Where You Could Study the Chiromassage Course for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • Spain
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • United States
  • Lithuania
  • Belarus
  • United Kingdom

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Free Chiromassage Course is Possibly Taught, through Scholarships

Chiromassage Course

  • Chiromassage BCN
  • Barcelona, Spain.

Chiromassage Course

  • Odayakas Spa School
  • Madrid, Spain.

Chiromassage Courses

  • New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine
  • Auckland, New Zealand.

Chiromassage Courses

  • Discover Massage Australia
  • Sydney, Australia.

Advanced Chiromassage Therapy Course 

  • Camarillo, CA, United States.

Facial Chiromassage Course

  • SPA Vilnius
  • Druskininkai, Lithuania.

Facial Chiromassage Course

  • Kinesio Training Center
  • Minsk, Belarus.

Courses of Chiromassage 

  • London School of Massage
  • London, UK.

Chiromassage Course Reference Prices

The prices of the Courses of Chiromassage are varied. The prices of these courses are between $129 and $520. In some cases it can have a higher cost.

The cost of these courses will vary according to the country where the course is given, the institution or university that teaches the course, the modality, the duration of the course and the materials provided during the course, among other factors.

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