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If you are interested in chess and want to learn the game, then a free chess course is exactly what you need! There are currently several institutions, websites and expert players offering training in this wonderful game.

In a Chess Course you will learn some fundamental checkmate patterns that will allow you to execute a checkmate on your opponent’s king. Online Chess Courses are an excellent option to learn this game from the comfort of your home. If you are passionate about this game or interested in learning it, it is time to sign up for one of these courses.

What are the Chess Courses ?

A Chess Course is a short term training program in the game of chess board. A Chess Course will teach you the basics of the game, the name and function of each of the pieces and how they move on the board. You will also learn moves and tips that will help you in your game. 

The programmatic content of a Chess course is designed according to who it is aimed at, as there are chess courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced. There are also Chess Courses aimed at children, which have a didactics suitable for children’s learning.

A chess course for beginners is aimed at anyone who knows nothing, or very little, about the game of chess. You will learn the names of all the pieces, how to pack the chess board, how the pieces move and what you have to do to win a game of chess.

An intermediate chess course, is aimed at late-beginner to intermediate level chess players. An in-depth study of the chess lessons below will provide you with the essential chess theory you need to become a much stronger chess player. An Advanced Chess Course is designed for experienced players with a fairly good level of play who want to take their game to the expert level.

Program, Subjects and Content of the Chess Course

These are some topics that can be covered in the program content of a Chess Course:

  • How the game of chess works
  • How to make good exchanges
  • How to checkmate your opponent’s king
  • Special moves and other rules
  • What to do at the opening
  • What to do in the middle of the game
  • What to do at the end of the game
  • Important tactics you should know
  • The 4 most common mistakes in chess
  • How chess notation works (and 4 move checkmate)

Countries and Cities Where You Could Study the Chess Course for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • Chile
  • Spain
  • Argentina

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Chess Course is Possibly Free, through Scholarships

Chess classes for all levels and ages, in person or online

  • Superprof
  • On-site or online
  • United Kingdom.

Chess Course

  • Central Florida Chess Club, Inc.
  • Florida, United States.

Chess Lessons

  • Columbia Academy, LLC
  • New Jersey, United States.

Course: New to Chess

  • The Irish Chess Union
  • Dublin, Leinster, Ireland.

Free Chess Conferences

  • Melbourne Chess Club
  • Melbourne, Australia.

Children’s Chess Classes

  • Leoajedrez.E.I.R.L
  • Santiago de Chile, Chile.

Advanced Level Chess Course (Level I and II)

  • Barcelona, Spain.

Intermediate Chess Course

  • Cordoba, Argentina.

Chess Course for Beginners

  • Learning Chess
  • Online.

Free Chess Course for Beginners

  • Chessfox
  • Online.

Free Online Chess Course (intermediate)

  • Chessfox
  • Online.

Free Chess Training

  • Chess University, Inc. 
  • Online.

Chess Course Reference Prices

You can get many courses and training in Chess online for free, there are also many clubs and institutions that offer this course in the same way but in the face to face modality.

On the other hand, many institutions and websites offer private or canceled Chess Courses, which can cost from $20 USD to more complete chess programs of up to $1600 USD.

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