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Ceramic courses can be taken as part of an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree program in art through an area of concentration or as a specific major. Admission to these programs may require a portfolio. 

Independent ceramics courses may also be available through art schools or community centers for those who wish to learn ceramics for recreational and non-academic purposes. Classes are often classified by beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill level. 

Programs may ask students to provide their own equipment, such as an apron, towel, and tool kit. Classes vary in length; they may be held in the morning or evening for weeks or consecutive days. Pottery classes have saved sanity many times. They are the perfect mental rest for the stressed out, the bored, the anxious or anyone who needs a creative boost in their week.

What are the Ceramic Courses ?

A Free Ceramics Course is a training where the student will learn with specific guides about topics such as how to give a different shape to the utensils, how to make figures, how to provide finer details to an object, among others. 

In addition to tutorials on different designs, they also have guides on the technical aspects of ceramics, which include different mud densities, rotation speed and RPM, among others.

From basic concepts and explanations of common tools, you will move on to more experienced tasks, such as attaching slides, making intricate designs, different methods for the same designs, technical reviews on machines used in ceramics and much more.

Program, Subjects and Content of the Ceramics Course

The program content of the Ceramics course generally covers the following topics:

  • Types of clay
  • History of ceramics
  • Sculptural techniques
  • Pinch, slab, press, mold and coil methods.
  • Ovens and firewood
  • Glazes
  • Work of the wheel

Countries and Cities Where You Could Study the Ceramics Course for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Australia
  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Ceramic Course is Possibly Taught for Free, through Scholarships

Free Wheeled Ceramics Course: customizing your work

  • Udemy
  • Online.

Ceramic Classes

  • Eventbrite
  • England, United Kingdom.

Art Classes (Ceramics)

  • ASU Herberger Institute School of Art
  • Arizona, United States.

Free Ceramic Classes

  • Camberwell Ceramics
  • Victoria, Australia.

Ceramics Class

  • Madrid expert
  • Madrid, Spain.

Ceramics Class

  • Céramique-Paris
  • Paris, France.

Mold and prototype

  • School of Ceramic Art «Romano Ranieri»
  • Perugia, Italy.

Reference Prices for the Ceramic Course Free Ceramic Course

The reference prices of the Ceramic Courses range from $10 to $100.

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