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For many, preschool is fundamental for the development of the child and because of that it is currently a topic that causes a high interest from parents, schools and governments. That is why every day the offers for workers in preschool education are increasing.

Bachelor Degree in Preschool Education prepares students to care for and educate children before they enter kindergarten. Such programs help students develop pedagogical and disciplinary techniques designed specifically for these young children.

What is and What Does a Bachelor in Preschool Education Do ?

Earning a Bachelor Degree in Preschool Education prepares aspiring teachers to work with pre-kindergarten children. These programs equip future teachers to handle all aspects of teaching children and preparing and managing a classroom.

Because preschool teachers may work in both public and private programs, for school districts or federally funded programs, requirements for working as a preschool teacher often differ from employer to employer. 

Preschool teachers typically work in the following settings:

  • Public pre-kindergarten programs
  • Private Preschool Programs
  • Nurseries
  • Family child care homes

Program, Subjects and Content of the Bachelor Degree in Preschool Education

Most programs include curriculum planning for different stages of child development, including activities that support emotional, social, motor, and language development. Students learn to engage children with games, books, movies, artwork, or computers. 

Some programs also teach students to assess a child’s interests early in development, because preschool is often a child’s first exposure to science, creative arts, writing, and music.

Students can explore psychology and nutrition while developing curriculum writing skills and gaining knowledge of classroom reading techniques to keep children focused. Course work consists primarily of didactic learning, although many programs require students to complete one or more student teaching sessions. 

Here are some classes that may appear in the curriculum:

  • Child Psychology
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Special Needs Methodologies.
  • Classroom and educational management
  • Curriculum writing
  • Early childhood assessment and evaluation

Countries and Cities Where You Can Study the Bachelor Degree in Preschool Education for Free Obtaining a Scholarship

  • United States
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Ireland
  • Canada

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Bachelor Degree in Preschool Education is Possibly Available for Free, through Scholarships 

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

  • Monash University
  • Kaplan Singapore
  • Monash’s early childhood degree is a highly respected qualification designed for educators who are passionate about working with young children in preschool, daycare or kindergarten.
  • It also provides an excellent start for today’s educators who have a Diploma in Early Childhood Services, Care and Education or equivalent and are looking to upgrade.

Dual Degree in Early Childhood Education Elementary Education

  • CEU University – Cardinal Herrera
  • Valencia, Spain
  • General skills: To know the essential foundations of the human person and to establish the dignity of the person; To know and assimilate the anthropological foundations, which support the great principles of educational work, especially those based on the Christian message.

Degree in Early Childhood Care and Education 

  • Mary Immaculate School
  • Limerick, Ireland
  • This bachelor’s degree program in Early Childhood Care and Education is a four-year, full-time course designed to provide an exciting and challenging experience.

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

  • University Help
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • The future graduate begins a broad basic journey that covers the development of the child from birth to primary in a wide range of settings.

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