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Performing arts refers to art that is performed before an audience. Performing arts encompass several areas, including vocal and instrumental performance, theater and dance. Many performing artists use their bodies, voices and talents as a means of artistic expression. 

The performing arts include singers, actors, comedians and dancers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a degree is not required to find a career in the performing arts; however, performers in certain fields, such as acting, music and dance, may benefit from completing a Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts.

Several universities and arts schools offer Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts as part of their programs of study. Some of these degree programs are offered free of charge or funded through a scholarship.

A free Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts has a series of general education courses, in addition to elective and core courses in its area of concentration. 

Programs with an emphasis on theater may cover topics such as performing arts, production, acting, and script analysis, while music programs may include courses in music theory and composition, as well as classes that focus on different instruments or musical styles.

Some performing arts degree programs are also offered online, however due to their practical nature you may need to take part of the program on campus. Bachelor of Performing Arts programs may include internships. 

What is and what does a Bachelor in Performing Arts do ?

Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts programs typically focus on one aspect of the arts such as theater, dance, or music. Others who have technical or craft skills often take on supporting roles as stage designers or sound technicians.

These professionals have strong general knowledge of the performing arts and specialized knowledge in their area of concentration. Performing arts graduates master the theory behind their chosen art and gain experience acting and working with other students and instructors. The career options for a Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts are wide. 

Depending on the concentration of their choice, performing arts graduates may work as a dance teacher, member of a dance company, choreographer, studio musician, artist-in-residence, playwright, theater director, screenwriter, actor, singer, and other options.

Program, Subjects and Content of the Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts

These are some of the topics that can be included in the program content of a performing arts degree:

  • Communications
  • Social or behavioral sciences
  • Natural Science
  • Humanities 
  • Mathematics.
  • Art 
  • History of Art
  • Music Theory
  • Musical Composition
  • Dance
  • Composition
  • Public Speaking
  • Theater
  • Mathematics
  • Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Sound and Lighting
  • Scenic Art
  • Production
  • Performance
  • Script analysis
  • Study techniques

How Long Does the Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts Take ? 

A program of study for a Bachelor of Performing Arts degree is 3-4 years of full-time study.

Where Can I Work with the Performing Arts Career ?

A Bachelor of Performing Arts is qualified to direct and supervise cultural centers, theater companies, musical groups and orchestras, and film projects, among others. The most common jobs for a Bachelor of Performing Arts are: 

  • Entertainment industry business
  • Talent Management
  • Film and theater direction
  • Dance performance and choreography
  • Acting in movies, television and theater
  • Musical interpretation and composition

Countries and Cities Where You Can Study the Bachelor of Performing Arts Degree for Free Obtaining a Scholarship

  • United States
  • Romania
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Hungary
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts is Possibly Given for Free, through Scholarships

Bachelor of Music in Performance

  • Arizona State University
  • Tempe, AZ, United States.

Bachelor of Arts – Theater (in German)

  • Western University of Timișoara
  • Timișoara, Romania.

Bachelor of Music and Performing Arts

  • Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts
  • Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Performance

  • London Metropolitan University
  • London, United Kingdom.

Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies with Theater and Performance

  • Bangor University
  • Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom.

Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts

  • The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
  • London, United Kingdom.

Bachelor of Arts in Classical Music Performance 

  • University of Pécs
  • Pécs, Hungary.

Bachelor of Arts (BPA)

  • University of Otago
  • Dunedin, New Zealand.

Bachelor of Music and Performing Arts

  • Wintec
  • Hamilton, New Zealand.

Bachelor of Music – Performing Arts

  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts Reference Prices

Prices for the Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts can be varied. The prices of these degrees are between $10,245 and $26,080. In some cases it can have a higher cost.

The cost of this degree will vary according to the country where it is taught, the institution or university that teaches the degree, the modality, the duration and the materials provided during the study, among other factors.

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