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The area of International Relations deals with the analysis of the links between different nations, in different topics such as economy and politics. 

Students seeking a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations will examine traditional studies that focus on the role of the nation-state. In addition, undergraduate students in International Relations will explore more contemporary ideas about the influence of other global factors.

A B.A. in International Relations is an interdisciplinary degree in which students study international politics, diplomacy, and global relations. Students often have the opportunity to specialize in their studies by choosing an area of concentration such as Asian studies.

Undergraduate programs in international relations are available at many colleges and universities. International relations programs can be found both online and on campus. Some of these 4-year programs may require students to complete a study abroad experience or participate in model United Nations simulations.

What is and What Does a Bachelor in International Relations Do ? 

Bachelor Degree in International Relations graduates work in a variety of fields and industries, including international organizations, multinational corporations, private groups, non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, and many more.

International relations is a growing and constantly evolving field and highly qualified professionals are in great demand. Bachelor’s degree programs in International Relations can help equip students with the skills to work on a global scale.

Graduates of this degree will be prepared for diplomatic positions at the government level and in international non-profit organizations, to name a few.

Possible job titles include:

  • Foreign Service Specialist
  • Human Rights Defender
  • Lobbyist
  • Peace Corps Officer

Program, Subjects and Content of the Bachelor Degree in International Relations

Among the subjects included in the curriculum of the Degree in International Relations are:

  • Economics
  • History
  • Policy
  • Languages
  • Political Science
  • Military Studies
  • International Studies
  • Middle East Studies

Program specializations may include comparative politics, European studies, globalization, comparative cultures, and Asian studies. Common courses include:

  • Developing Nations
  • Economic Ethics
  • Industrialized societies
  • International Law
  • International Organizations
  • Japanese culture and business
  • Russian Foreign Policy
  • The Rule of Law and Democracies
  • Sino American Relations
  • Terrorism

Countries and Cities Where You Can Study the Bachelor of Arts in International Relations for Free Obtaining a Scholarship

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Portugal
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Chile
  • Argentina

Institutes, Centers and Universities where the Bachelor Degree in International Relations is Possibly Offered for Free, through Scholarships 

Bachelor Degree in International Relations

  • High Point University
  • High Point, United States
  • The specialty prepares individuals for careers or graduate courses that will require a deep and nuanced understanding of the cultural, economic, and political forces that drive contemporary global problems and relationships among societies. Students in the program work closely with a faculty composed of regional, foreign language, and international affairs experts who collectively offer a remarkably wide variety of courses and instructor options. 

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

  • EU Business School
  • Barcelona, Spain 
  • The corporate workplace is becoming increasingly international. This career is ideal for those who want to combine administrative knowledge with international relations and develop skills in recognizing, analyzing and evaluating the interrelationship between trade and politics. 

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

  • Porto Global University – Universidade Portucalense
  • Porto, Portugal
  • The degree in International Relations offers an innovative approach: students can achieve a specialization in Diplomacy and Area Studies or develop skills in another scientific field. Therefore, students can obtain one of the possible minors in Economics, Management, Law and Tourism. Alternatively, if their selection focuses on IR disciplines, they complete the specialization in Diplomacy and Area Studies. 

Bachelor Degree in International Relations

  • Richmond The American International University in London
  • Richmond, United Kingdom
  • The Bachelor of Arts in International Relations prepares students for a career in international organizations, business, finance, government institutions, agencies and the media. Cosmopolitan individuals with a strategic focus and strong awareness of contemporary political issues have the opportunity to expand their broad skill set.

Bachelor Degree in International Relations

  • Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • The three-year course of study in the Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (BA-IR) Program is challenging, stimulating and practical. The BA-IR program aims to introduce students to the broad field of International Relations, its basic concepts, theories and methods, as well as specialized and interdisciplinary fields. Students will receive training in research, analysis, and presentation/communication skills.

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