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Facing them denotes something different in each area of commerce and industry. Whether you’re working on a roof, climbing towers or in construction areas, training, expertise and good judgment are critical to performing work in these types of conditions. Today there are courses tailored to be relevant to your unique requirements on the job site. If you are interested in training to work at heights, free traiding are an excellent option for you.

What are High Level Training ?

A training in Heights or Working at Heights is intended for anyone working at heights, where in the event of an emergency, people must be rescued with climbing ropes and must have the necessary knowledge to operate height work equipment and safety equipment.

During the participation in a course of work at height, the participant is taught both the theory and practice of hazards, risks and how to behave while working in height and rescue operations.

Fall protection training programs will provide participants with an understanding of their responsibilities when working in areas where fall hazards exist. The training covers the controls needed to reduce the risk of a fall, and instructions on the use, inspection, placement and removal of harnesses.  Upon successful completion of this type of training, a minimum 2-year Fall Protection Certificate is awarded. It is also possible to get courses for work at heights that allow you to update yourself.

The refresher course programs provide those who have already completed the height course with an update on the basics of implementing new fall protection systems at their workplaces. Participants receive updates on legislative requirements for fall protection, including how to recognize, assess and control fall hazards. They will also have opportunities to practice identifying deficiencies when inspecting fall protection equipment.

Practical Assessment

Once the theoretical part of the program is completed, a practical evaluation is required to complete the certification. Practical evaluations must generally be completed 90 days after the course has been passed.

To complete the hands-on evaluation of the team, the participant must ensure that:

  • They have had the minimum recommended experience on each piece of equipment they will operate.
  • The certification and annual inspection of the equipment to be used for the evaluation has been completed.
  • The equipment is in good working order.

Industries That Regularly Seek Training in Height Dynamics

  • Arborists
  • Civil construction
  • Electrical Utilities
  • Roof workers
  • Rope Access Workers
  • Telecommunications
  • Commercial and construction
  • Program, Subjects and Content of the High School Course

The Following Topics can be Covered in the Programme Content of the Altitude Training:

  • The hierarchy of fall protection
  • Elimination of risks / railings / barriers
  • Fall protection systems
  • Work access equipment and platforms

Countries and Cities Where You Could Study the High School Course for Free Getting a Scholarship

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • United States

Institutes, Centers and Universities Where the Free High School Course is Possibly Taught, through Scholarships

Training of Heights – Update

  • Voyager Training Center – IHSA
  • Toronto, Canada.

Course: Working the High Altitude Training

  • Occupational Safety Group Inc
  • Ontario, Canada.

Training: Work Safely at Heights RIIWHS204D

  • Height Dynamics
  • Australia.

Work Height Course

  • FMTC Safety Training Center
  • Dunkirk, France.

High Altitude Work Training

  • FMTC Safety Training Center
  • Holland, Netherlands.

High Level Work Course

  • FMTC Safety Training Center
  • Houma, United States.

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