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Although they seem to be absolutely indispensable communication tools these days, you may wonder what the disadvantages of mobile phones are. Believe it or not, mobile phones also have their downsides.

While it may not be completely fair to lump the entire cell phone industry into a compact package (smart phones are clearly different from basic capped phones, for example), there are certain commonalities among most cell phones.

That’s why when you ask what the disadvantages of cell phones are, you’ll find a similar set of possible answers.


Mobile phones are a constant means of communication, always available and in real time. Incoming calls, emails, text messages or notifications related to social networks enter your phone within seconds of being sent.

It’s convenient, but what about all those calls and notifications when listening to a manager or CEO in a business meeting? That sound doesn’t just interrupt you, but also the speaker and other members of the room.

It doesn’t stop there; cell phone interruptions occur at weddings, family gatherings, movie theaters or offices. It is not only an annoying but also a frustrating event.

Distracted Drivers

Because of this constant form of communication, people also feel compelled to continue communicating while behind the wheel.

Certainly, there are many issues related to driving and cell phone safety, and that is part of the reason why California’s cell phone law was introduced.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about nine people die each day in the United States in accidents involving a distracted driver. This adds up to more than 1,000 injuries every day.

In the Canadian province of British Columbia, more people die due to distracted driving than impaired driving.

Although most people agree that using a portable phone while behind the wheel is dangerous, nearly four in 10 drivers say they use their phone on at least 10 percent of trips.


It is true that mobile phones make people connect and the world is a small village. But if not used carefully, it can isolate you from your family and the people around you.

One of the typical negative impacts is when you find a group of young people sitting around a coffee table, but not talking to each other; they are all glued to the screens of their cell phones or smartphones.

Also, if a teenager or a couple is too into their cell phone, it can damage their relationship with the family or partner, respectively.

Health Issues

Nightly chats and mobile phone games played on a bright screen result in eye problems. On a different note, network waves can cause some skin cancers.

If you decide to look at the disadvantages of mobile phone use, there are even more. Eye cancer, insomnia that causes chronic daytime fatigue, and infertility related to Wi-Fi connectivity are some of the concerns.

Loss of Money

Being a mobile phone enthusiast, trend and fashion lover, will leave you with less of a substantial amount of money every three to six months.

You want to have that latest brand, that cool new phone accessory; it all results in debits to your pocket. Not to mention airtime credit and Internet charges every day.

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