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DIAMOND KNIFE PRICE. Reviews and Offers

Diamond instruments are available for a variety of applications, including, but not limited to: ULTRAMICROTOMY, FIBER OPTICS AND EYE SURGERY. Many companies began manufacturing diamond scalpels for microsurgery, dissection and related applications. In this segment we offer a relation and price that some brands offer to the market in the field of diamond scalpels. It is worth mentioning that the manufacturing companies also offer the service of restoring and re-sharpening their broken and worn out diamond blades.

Type M Angular: Thickness .50mm

  • Diamond dissecting knife, type M
  • Price: 1200.00
  • Replacement Blade: Type M
  • Price: 650.00

MM Type: Mini-Angle .20 Thickness

  • For extremely fine work

Diamond Dissection Knife

  • Price: 1100.00
  • Replacement Blade, Type MM
  • Price: 625.00

Type L: Lancet; .50 thickness

  • Price: 1200.00
  • Replacement Blade, Type L
  • Price: 625.00

ML Type: Mini Lancet: .20 thickness

  • For extremely fine work
  • Price: 975.00
  • Replacement Blade Type ML
  • Price: 650.00

DL Type: Double Lancet. Thickness .50mm

  • Diamond dissecting knife, type DL
  • Price: 1,200.00

Sharpness Type DL

  • Price: 375.00
  • Replacement Blade: DL Type
  • Price: 750,00

M-DL type: Mini-Double-Lancet: .20 thickness

  • Diamond dissecting knife, type M-DL
  • Price: 1.300,00

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