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Deuteronomy 8 begins with Moses reminding Israel to keep all the commandments that God has commanded them.

They were to remember how God humbled them in the desert those 40 years to test them and see what was in their hearts. God showed them that he would see whether they would keep the commandments or not.

God was trying to teach them that they do not live by bread alone but by all the words that come from the mouth of the Lord. God wanted them to consider how a man corrects his son, which is how God corrected Israel.

Therefore, they should keep the burden of God and His commandments and fear Him as He takes them to a good land where they will lack nothing. Moses warns them not to forget their God by not keeping His commandments.

Moses warns that it is possible to be filled with success and good life and forget God who delivered them from the terrible desert and watery droughts. He also performed miracles to test them.

You may believe that it was your own strength that gave you your wealth, when it was really God who gave you power to obtain wealth.

The chapter ends with Moses testifying against them that they will perish if they forget and sin against God. Moses says, as it was done to the nations before them, the Canaanites, it will be done to them if they are not obedient to the voice of their God.

Commentary on Deuteronomy 8: 1-9

Obedience should be: 1. Careful, to observe to do; 2. Universal, to do all the commandments; and 3. To commit them to this obedience. Moses commands them to look back.

It is good to remember all the ways, both of providence and of God’s grace, by which he has guided us through this desert, so that we might joyfully serve him and trust in him.

They should remember the strait into which they were brought, to mortify their pride and manifest their wickedness; to test them, that they and others may know all that is in their hearts, and that all may see that God has chosen them, not for anything in them that can recommend them in His favor.

They should remember the miraculous supplies of food and clothing that they were given. Let none of God’s children distrust their Father, nor take any sinful course to meet their needs.

One way or another, God will provide for them in the way of duty and honest diligence, and they will indeed be fed. It can be applied spiritually; God’s word is the food of the soul.

Christ is the word of God; by Him we live.

Commentary on Deuteronomy 8: 10-20

Moses addresses the duty of a prosperous condition. May they always remember their Benefactor. In everything we must give thanks. Moses arms them against the temptations of a prosperous condition.

When men possess great property or engage in profitable business, they find the temptation of pride, forgetfulness of God and carnal mentality, very strong; and they are anxious and troubled about many things.

In this the poor Believers have the advantage-they more readily perceive their provisions coming from the Lord in answer to the prayer of faith and, strange as it may seem, they find it less difficult simply to trust Him for their daily bread.

They taste of a sweetness, which is generally unknown to the rich, while they are also free from many of his temptations. Do not forget God’s former dealings with you. Nothing can make the most suitable outward and inward trials effective but the power of the Spirit of God.

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